Non-consented attack in Wormhole on SiSi

I have received non-consented attack in wormhole J171225 and J103408.
He attacked my two characters and destroyed ships without asking for consent.
Since he had done it twice, it’s obviously intentional.

I expect CCP will take proper action to maintain Sisi orders.

That big meany.

Too bad you can’t put another ship together for less than the cost of the insurance payout you received…oh wait.

Sisi lives on a different set of rules. even while yes it seems trivial, unconsenseal attack isn’t allowed except for designated systems.

While CCP doesn’t enjoy the fact (how it seems from a recent post) that we use it to test fits. They still should follow their own rules.

Edit: stupid auto correct…

Tell your sis to stop that.

my keepstar in c6 wh got reinforced and my pos got ripped apart just because of stored nyx in Xl-sma.

Might want to learn these.


Because some guy got wrecked by some other guy?
Because some guy’s sister lives on a different set of rules?
I would have to actively engage in pvp on the test server to care about the rules.

You’re on the test server forums. Follow the test server rules. If not @ISD will take care of your posts.


Is this where you tell me that breaking the test server rules will somehow effect the GPS on your car?

problem is: ccp cant enforce rules and people do not obey to rules.

solution spawn a concord vessels and program them to stop agression on gates citadel/station . pvp would be only for combat zones from 1-9 asteroid belts planets moons sun etc.

people baiting people on ccp keepstar/sotiyo those who undock titan then blow it up right away.that si fine but leaving bubbles between celestials is sucking badly.,got my molok pinned because someone deployed shitload of bubbles at moveme spots,got into one of those

also some1 took ccp sov in their testing system system has no ihub upgrades and whole sisi looks like wild west.

It certainly doesn’t help matters, that it’s literally impossible to get help for anything related to Sisi.

If you file a Support Ticket, you will very quickly get a canned response of “we’re not responsible for anything to do with Sisi. Go make a post on the forums.” And then that post joins the Millions of others that go ignored, unanswered, and eventually forgotten.

The only time CCP cares about Sisi, is when they want to Mass Test something or other. And as soon as that’s done, they wander off oblivious.

rename your citadels / poses / mobile depots to thing like this “testing please dont attack” “please do not shoot” “hospital citadel dont shot” eventually " “not red dont shoot” “im pacifist dont shoot” “do not fire,flammable material”…

sometimes renaming helps. but dont leave supercapitals titans at pos on sisi…NEVER. ebcause it will get shot whatever rules are set ebcause people seem to be triggerhappy while trying to bite cake and still have cake.

ccp must enforce rules or declare them null and void.

It’s not impossible. I’m fairly sure that this forum exists. They don’t need to actually do much beyond look at the kill logs on the server to know who needs a massive ban after a forum post.

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