Kills without consent, multiple times

I got my ship killed by other player without consent in FD-MLJ, which is not allowed to go PVP without permission from another.
Nakranoth Milesios in Avatar and Aegis Verseles in Rapier killed my testing naglfar and disturbed my test.

There are No Screenshot but Moneeeeeeee Mn in Avatar and inZJ HJ in Nyx killed my naglfar as well. Moneeeee Mon in Sabre bubbled my Ships continuously and didn’t stop attacking my ships despite I warned him multiple times to stop it on the local chat. They attacked my citadel and Once I send the mail to ask stopping attack, They warped off.
And I got notice that my structure’s reinforced by these guys next day.

Moneeeeeeee Mn and his friends are really bad cuz they ignore whole conversations and even reinforced structures to disturb my test. Expect CCP will take proper action against these guys.

Did you write a ticket?

Same here. Tried to test some strange PVE fits, but always someone tried to kill me. I sent usual ticket but GM said that he cant do anything on test server… but what the point of rules then?

So…they gave you permissions to shoot back then?

these douches have killed my stratios in wormhole with dread…

Well if the rules are your not supposed to do it, but everyone does it anyways and CCP admits themselves they don’t care and won’t do anything about it.

Just get your friends together and go shooting players who are doing this in this system until CCP decides that maybe it was a bad idea to make rules they don’t stand by and expect players to follow themselves for no reason at all while clearly others won’t.

Force CCP to abide by their rules by enforcing them or admit it is a pointless rule that shouldn’t exist and is misleading.

almost got ganked in amarr when was moving my supercarrier.

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