Rumours of blood sacrifices in Providence unfounded

I should just like to allay any fears in the IGS community that analysis of reports of some recent deaths allegedly classified as “ritualistic murders” across the Providence region that in no way is it indicative of a resurgence in Sabik activities and any rumours of a Sabik summoning ritual should be dismissed.

Providence remains loyal and safe for all.

Pax Amarr my sisters and brothers.

Abbot of Holy Amarrian Battlemonk
Operating under protection of the Khanid Mandate
Amarr Militia Diplomat



The cluster is a big place, with a lot of nutcases. I doubt anyone would hold it against you if some Sabik cultists showed up, killed a few hundred people and were driven out. Sounds like a typical Tuesday.

Denying something as basic as a ritual murder or two, though? We all know there are some Sabik in Providence. Let’s not pretend Providence, or anywhere else, is a perfect place. There are murderers, often highly organized ones, in every system in New Eden.

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Thank you for your thoughts Jason Galente.

My purpose is just to provide analysis as it comes to light that there is no unusual levels of activity. There is no reason for abnormal levels of concern from what has been observed.

Oh well that’s a relief.


IMHO mentioning a rumor you only help spreading it. And again IMHO if you want to defeat a rumor, you shall attack those, who are telling it, discrediting them - this time mentioning that rumor together with their name. Then people will associate it not with “something that could have happened somewhere”, but with “someone saying something”.

Then there are two options. First - they ignore it, consider it your win.
Second - they start arguing, telling it happened. In that case you just demand them to bring proof, since it’s always duty of an accuser to bring evidences - you don’t have to defend anything against rumors, only attack them back.
If they don’t bring the proof - you can just smear them to the wall verbally - whatever they or you say after that, it’s your win.
If they bring proof - if it is not relevant or falsified, show that and again, it’s your win.
If it’s genuine - well, then you’re fragged and it will be time to bring apologies.

Success of the scheme is not guaranteed. Use at your own risk.

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From my knowledge there has been no instances of Blood Raider attacks since their destruction of their Forward Operating Base in GA9P-0 or cult activity in Providence. This could just be rumors because we do use the Bhaal as part of our doctrines. Surely this is what it is and the rest is hearsay. As always Providence stands for God, Empress, Empire, and the Margrave of the Providence Marches.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


You know he’s referring to his own activities, right Jason? He’s a known blooder.


He’s even wearing the company hat.


Brand recognition is important.


Oopsie doopsie.

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Thankyou Kithrus. As always these things can be hard to interpret.
There is a principle in warfare of “know thy enemy”. For 10 years since originally departing Providence on this very issue I have sought to understand better the strategies, tactics and motivations of the alleged heretics, which is now an integral part of my qualifications to pursue this analysis.

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I believe that edeity is overly criticized by Amarr Loyalists.


It is now formally ratified and can be announced.

To continue my research CVA has kindly welcomed me back. I look forward to contributing what little I can for a new cultural resurgence from within to bring the full faith back to Providence.

I am blessed in this endeavor with the support of the former TMOCC alliance who are also now full members of CVA with me. We aim to bring much of what we have learned from ensuring strength of faith with the soft hand of diplomacy from Amarr Faction War and applying this to the safety and continued loyalty of Providence.

Pax Amarr.


Birds of a feather…


Most “blood sacrifices” are carried out by idiots who have no clue about symbology and meaning, and instead just want a splatty gory spectacle to satisfy their base urges.

And thus deserve lasering from high orbit.


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I’ll fix that for you: “All.”

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Oh look the Theology Council lickspittles have crawled from under their plush Fedo waifu to utter an opinion. Hello to the fun police.

Is that what you call human sacrifice and blood rituals, fun?