Running for CSM next year:

Hello fellow capsuleers!

Since its never too early to run for CSM, I am hearby declaring I will apply for candidacy in the next elections.

My campaign promise to you, is very simple:

  • I will advocate for the disbandment of the CSM program.
  • I will advocate against the current system which enables ingame political entities to gain multiple seats on the CSM.
  • I am completely politically unaffiliated, incorruptible, and will run under my current NPC Corp tag.
  • I will fulfill all obligations required of a CSM until such time as CSM is disbanded.
  • I will act against any attempt I perceive of politically influencing the CSM.
  • I will not accept free travel/accommodation to Summits.
  • I will not accept free Omega for my CSM character.
  • I will advocate for the removal of free flights/accommodation to Summit for CSM.
  • I will advocate for removal of free Omega status of CSM members.

I hope you will vote for me, when the time comes.

According to a poll, 64% of you say “No” to the CSM program as is.

YOU are the MAJORITY, and I will represent you to that end, when NO ONE else will.

Together, we can change CSM, and if necessary, disband it, via democratic action which you deserve and are entitled to as THE MAJORITY.

"Vote Salvos to End the CSM"


Would you actually take your seat at each CSM meeting?

What is your stance on the current wave of HTFU reduction? (For example Oct Balance Pass)

Do you like Snow Patrol?

Yes. I will attend them ALL if possible, probably more consistently than any CSM, ever. My track record here as the most prolific poster shows I can deliver on that.

I will fulfill all required obligations of the position.

HTFU is a time-honored tradition of EVE which I support.

No, cos I dont know what that is.

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All sensible policies for a happier EvE.

Your second answer was very politician like though, so I cant be sure if you do or do not support the implimentation of OctBal

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Im not a CSM at this time, so cant comment, as I am unable to influence its outcome, nor privy to the internal politics possibly leading to it.

If it happens and turns out as crap, well, then you can point your fingers at current CSM.

Then you can vote for me next time, instead, so that doesnt happen again.

So… Are saying you are against the changes put forward in OctBal? And if you had been on the CSM when they were discussed, you’d have opposed them?

Just to be clear.

You have my vote

I just want to see the dumpster fire :popcorn::sunglasses::+1:


That makes 3 now


I don’t even think people with forum suspension are even eligible lol

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If you want to run for CSM, you might want to start by actually posting in the right place.

Moving this.


If I was on CSM this year and involved in that (which Im not), I would certainly have opposed any undue political influence leading to it.

If you dont like the OctBal, you will have to take that up with the current CSM involved in it. Especially if you think it was politically influenced in favor of an ingame entity.

Ok well if you are opposed, then you are not willing to say that.

And if you are for it, you are suggesting otherwise to gain support.

Ergo, you are being a politician and as such I cannot vote for you, sorry.


Thank you!

Afaik, thats part of your job description.
Much appreciated.

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Im not responsible for CSM actions that I had no part in.

My campaign promise is the disbandment of the CSM, not justifying it.

Im not asking you to take responsibility.

Im asking a very simple question you appear unable to give a straight answer to.

Are you or are you not in favour of the changes put forward in the October Balance Pass?

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I dont care either way, unless the decision was politically influenced, in which case I oppose it as further evidence the CSM should be disbanded.

Do you think OctBal was politically influenced?
Do you think CSM should be disbanded?

Well given that the basis of your campaign is the elimination of the CSM on the grounds that it is unduly influenced by a particular political bloc and that there have been numerous claims that this Balance Pass unduly favours that bloc I am suprised to hear that.




I cant know the full extent of it, unless Im elected to CSM to observe that political influence in action within the CSM, nor can I act on it.

As you think OctBal was politically influenced, then Im your candidate next year, as one of my promises is to resist/eliminate political influence inside the CSM.

So yes. I would have resisted OctBal as politically influenced.

Im not the X this, Y that, per update candidate.
Im the stop political influence in CSM, curtail CSM perks, and if necessary disband CSM candidate.

Ok thats two different things btw.

But back to the question; if you have no opinion on the change them whose interests do you represent? We cannot know.

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