Rupture and Vexor no longer good for hi-sec solo ganking?

I am a returning player from 2015. There are 2 hi-sec solo ganking ships that seem to have been nerfed, would appreciate it if you can answer my following 3 questions:

1- Rupture: Has the rupture been nerfed and no longer able to solo gank T1 industrial ships in 0.5 sec systems? Have the Arty Howitzers been nerfed?

2- Vexor: Has the vexor been nerfed and no longer able to solo gank T1 industrial ships in 0.5 sec systems? Have the medium hybrid turrets or Garde II sentry drones been nerfed?

3- What is the adopted hi-sec solo ganking ship to pop T1 industrial ships nowadays? only a Tornado?

Thank you

Some do it in maller. Lets be honest here - antitanked t1 industrial will most likely die to thrasher/catalyst/cormorant/coercer.

Appreciate if only people with long experience in hi-sec solo ganking share their thoughts.

As far as I recall, neither of these ships have been nerfed. Artillery and drones work the same as in 2015.

What has changed is all industrial ships were buffed in 2016 when the DCU changes were made. Effectively, they were all given hull resists for free that only came with fitting a DCU before.

You should still be able to gank T1 industrials fine in a 0.5 system in a Vexor or Rupture though - anything with high DPS that can tank the gate guns. You can see them doing so here:

thanks pedro for the information.

Yes in 2015 most of the solo ganks were performed by vexors but now i can only find a few vexor killmails and the most commonly used gank ship is a Tornado. However there are multiple forum posts and reddit posts talking about a vexor nerf in 2017. I can’t seem to find a changelog.

Ah yes. They did slightly tweak the power grid I think, but I don’t think that breaks any gank fits, although I could be wrong. The Catalyst had a small nerf like that which forced me change my basic gank fit a couple years ago, but I am pretty sure my gank Vexor still works, although I will admit I am not sure if I have used it since 2017.

I think something else that might have changed is that prices on all T1 ships, including Tornados have fallen. So that might have shifted gankers into up-shipping a bit as the cost is less.

Ruptures kinda suck… But Vexors are solid. I’d sit in a vexor in a citadel if you’re only using one char and switch to a nado if you need more dps, 0.5 and 0.6 you get two shots. It’s basically impossible to not make a profit, 200mil+ shitfit indies fly through nonstop

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Vexors still work fine. I think many people like the nado because you can use it without drone skills and because it’s a natural upgrade from the thrasher which is also an effective gate-ganking ship.

Vexors work so well in 0.7 security systems that I’d have to imagine you’d have no problems whatsoever in a 0.5 system.

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Thanks Tallulah for passing by. It would be nice to be on your team if you need to cover more gates along the pipe.

Like the above poster said, everythings default hull resistance was upped to 33%, a DCU II raising it to the standard 60% passively.

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