Vexor can no longer solo gank T1 indys at hisec gates?

(Amadeus Gaila) #1

The vexor gank fit can no longer take down T1 indy ships at gates in 0.5-0.6sec systems.

  1. At what distance should the vexor be shooting from? 16km-18km? I am using Caldari Navy Anti-matter ammo which has optimal firing distance within 18km + Sentry Garde II drones.
  2. My vexor takes 8.7K damage from gate sentry guns and explodes before destroying the T1 indy ships.
  3. My Volley damage (Alpha Strike) is 1,049 HP and DPS is 649. All gunnery and drone skills are maxed at level 5.


(matthus loch) #2


(Bjorn Tyrson) #3

T1 indys got a tank buff a few years back. And more people are actually tanking them these days rather than going for pure cargo.

(Amadeus Gaila) #4

But i still see a few pilots successfully solo ganking with a vexor and I am using their exact same fit but can’t seem to get a kill. I wonder what am i doing wrong out of the 3 points i listed above.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #5

Maybe they are fitting tank

(safira jomita) #6

How much time you survive? Cause a t1 Indy can go 3-5 k ehp easily without heavy tanking. A tayra for example with just some extenders an hardeners can go about 3k shields If I’m not wrong.

(Amadeus Gaila) #7

how can i know how much time do i stay alive? I take 8.7k damage from sentry gun. I can take out a T1 indy at 3kehp but anything more than that I die first. Is my shooting range @16km good? is my ammo (caldari navy antimatter) the right choice? Should I be stationary or orbiting the target?

(safira jomita) #8

I would keep more range from the gates and use railguns ( maybe 20-30km range) depending on ammo. But on that range I think y can’t scram him right? I think y have 2 options:
1 call a friend or 2
2 change target to miners

Also haulers are very buffed, so y will get only the shitty fitted ones

(Amadeus Gaila) #9

I can use disruptors with overheating no problem at 22km+, not scrams of course. Safira with all due to respect i appreciate your time and trying to help me but it seems you are not an experienced solo gate camper in hi-sec. Hope an experienced vexor pilot would give his feedback. Don’t mean to be rude, really appreciate your support Safira.

(Trevor Dalech) #10

Gate guns have perfect tracking, so by orbiting you are only hurting your own tracking and not gaining any survivability.

(safira jomita) #11

You are right my friend! I am a hauler/miner ! So being the person who actually fit your targets, I can help you much! Also if you wanna test your fittings, send me mail and we can meet and pew ( me in a hauler) what y think

(Mala Zvitorepka) #12

It is trivial to shield tank industrials these days, so they aren’t so squishy in the end. Simulate reasonable T1 fittings and you will see the problem.

Why don’t you use void? And I would rather pick EM drones, weaker shield tank there. Anti-gank fits have therm amplifiers fit before EM ones.

There are 3 industrial types - cargo/agile/specialized. Max cargo (bestower, tayra, iteron, mammoth) variants should last about 15-20s, assuming reasonable fit with typical meh skills as people train research and industry instead. These should be your targets and you might just destroy them in time. Even there, sensibly fit ship with good skills will survive. 2200 HP by LSE is a problem when paired with 50%+ resists.

Forget about destroying something reasonably fit that has hardeners turned on when you want to start shooting (but ships with hardeners turned off are nice targets - just hope he won’t turn them on already after first salvo)
Forget about destroying agile industrials - these have high base EHP and fit more tank.
Forget about destroying specialized ones too, as they also use lows for tanking and/or WCS.

(Ranar Linyne) #13

t2 guns with t2 ammo, and 2 ogre2 2 hammerhead2 and 1 hob2. That is max damage configuration on a vexor, not vni. use damage control 2 plus one hull bulkhead, then either mag stabs or drone amps in your lows (mix and match to achieve best output for your skillset) and 3 hull bulkhead rigs for buffer. the resists plus actual hp buff should keep you alive long enough to smoke a t1 indy. also fit a drone nav computer in you mids. If you swap to polarized guns you cant take advantage of the resists, but you can stack an actual hitpoint buffer.

You could always step into the polarized talos for high sec indy ganking. It is more expensive but also more reliable.

(safira jomita) #14

Interesting, how much ehp would be necessary to survive enough against that build?

(Ranar Linyne) #15

Not sure, but you also want to make sure your guns are heated from jump. You’re getting blowed up no matter what so who cares if they’re damaged. I may test it against a max tank iteron5. With extenders and a hardener it lands right around 10k ehp still fit for max cargo. If I do I’ll let you know the results. I do know the polarized talos will eat one no problem.

(Anderson Geten) #16

pyfa tells me

[Talos, polarized ganker]

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
[Empty Low slot]

Initiated Compact Warp Disruptor
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L
Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, Void L

[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]

deals 1649 DPS without implant/booster, and cold.
overloading + pyrlancea db7 gives 2028 DPS.

so to survive this 170M isk fit+ boosters, you need
13+k ehp in 1.0 and .9
39+k ehp in .5

(Kynami Vaille) #17

Which is why I love some basic Badgers on some of my utility alts in high sec. Because you can get over 14Km3 with 20K tank or over 35K tank for 5Km3 for the low low price of about 4 million isk total fit.

As long as you aren’t completely stupid or obscenely unlucky you’re not liable to get blapped more than once in a very great while.

(safira jomita) #18

Want to run some test? I can fit some hauler tanky fitted. But will play only tomorrow night

(Ranar Linyne) #19

I should be able to.

(safira jomita) #20

Cool , send me in-game mail, so I don’t forget you xD