Russian developer app question

I new player on EVE. And i want to create a website, and for this I need to create developer applications, but I can’t do this because payment in rubles is disabled. Please help me to solve this issue

You won’t be able to, sorry.

Maybe the question is stupid, but is it still possible to do this through cryptocurrency?

Or buy in Steam?

NO you cannot
Don’t think you can with steam either

What exactly is the requirement to create developer applications? Omega? Existing CC transaction?

I’m 99% sure it’s an existing CC transactions, as it’s used to prove your identity.

It is the transaction that is needed, since the account already has an omega obtained by purchasing a code from an official distributor in Russia

UnionPay still issues cards to non-sanctioned Russian banks. I believe Банк Русский Стандарт is your best option if your bank doesn’t have them. I haven’t heard anything about CCP not being able to accept payments from Russia as a whole and UnionPay is still an accepted payment method.

Then in the near future I will try to pay through Russian Standard or UnionPay, thank you for your help

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