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Welcome to Sedex Jaeger®

We transport goods quickly as possible and at a fair price. We have an operation based on DST (Deep Space Transport), which allows us to practice our price focused only on the volume of the order that we must take instead of the number of jumps needed to carry out the delivery. These are the main factors that make Sedex Jaeger®.

highsec | lowsec | SOV

We move it!

Get your quote at Sedex Jaeger® Calculator

U can find us in-game channel Sedex.Jaeger

Use this thread to post your feedback about our services, we’ll appreciate it.

Thank You.

Nomos Glashutte
We move it!


Good prices!

Delivered before agreed, will take it as an bonus.

Thank you

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Reliable transport, good prices and an easy-to-use calculator. Of course, shippiment always within the SLA. I do recommend it to everyone!

Tyvm! o7

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fair prices, fast delivery, friendly service and did I mention that the prices are fair ?

Good luck ! o7

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Delivered before time, thank you!

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Delivered before agreed. I do recommend it to everyone!

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Delivered before time, fast service. Ty.

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Fast delivery for a reasonable price!

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Good prices, excellent service. Would recommend.

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Wonderful service! Thank you for all the deliveries so far, hopefully many more to go! A quick question, is it alright to contract from Jita? I’ve done a couple of contracts from there and some of them have been delivered, but others just come back expired. Thank you!

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Hi @Regner_Fehrnah,

Thank you for choosing us!

To answer your question, here at S-D3X we have contracts for all HighSec and LowSec systems, in addition to Legacy Space.

On expired contracts, sometimes our Movers are not fast enough, sorry. Send me an email to get a bonus on your next contract.

I hope I helped you.



Fast shipment, cheap price, A+++ service.

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:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Five stars: This service is like The Transporter, Nomos is like a Frank Martin of new eden, with a cool mysterious picture and a cool vessel that delivers the cool things we buy.

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Thank you Rhaj, you earn the medal for best feedback ever!

Another great experience. Keep up the good work! o7

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Never got even a scratch on the cargo, thank you for all the deliveries so far.

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