S I L E N T. is open for recruiting

Is your corp looking for a fun alliance to join? Looking to make some isk in Null and also shoot stuff? Come join Five-0 pub channel and chat with us. We are looking for people who want to pvp (PEW PEW PEW) , mine (brrrrrrrr) and pve. A jack of all trades in null. Convo Embaum, Jackie Binchiette, Ardis or Madam Trinity

We do require all members to sign up and register on Seat for verification purposes. And we also require you to use discord. Let me know if your interested!

Looking for a fun group of people to join? Silent does a little bit of everything as long as we’re having fun thats what matters to us! Message me if your interested!

S I L E N T is recruiting corps who are active and want to have fun in Eve. send me a message! regardless if you want to mine, pve, pvp, null… we have it all!

SILENT is looking for corps to join. If you are interested message me in game!

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