S I L E N T. alliance looking for corps

Is your corp looking for a fun alliance to join? Looking to make some isk in Null and also shoot stuff? Come join Five-0 pub channel and chat with us. We are looking for people who want to pvp (PEW PEW PEW) , mine (brrrrrrrr) and pve. A jack of all trades in null. Convo Embaum, Madam Trinity or Spidey Bro. azerz-pew-pew-pew

is your corp looking to join an alliance? Come talk to us! We are always up to something. A good group of people who just want to have fun and laugh!


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S I L E N T. Alliance is still looking for corps that want to join an alliance with Null space. Regardless if your just wanting to try it for the first time or your use to living in null. We like to shoot stuff and we like to make isk. Win win if you ask me! Come join five-0 pub channel or convo me!


If your looking for a fun alliance come by and say hi. We are looking for EU and US timezones. Say hi in five-0 pub or send me a message!

Still looking for US and EU timezone corps!

If your corp is looking to make some good isk, and want to join a fun group, come say hi! We like to pvp, pve and do industry. Even if you feel you aren’t completely ready for null sec we are willing to help you and just want to have fun. Contact Embaum, Madam Trinity or Spidey Bro. or even stop by our public channel Five-0 pub. looking for US and EU timezones.

Were still looking for corps! come say hi!


Come and say hi, still looking for corps to join S I L E N T.

Still looking for some Indy corps and pvp folks to fly with a herd of midgets and some FC’S that may or may not know how to F1!!!