[S-ICH] Triglavian culture research Theory 1

Triglavian culture report - Theory 1:

Based on my findings of the data found in explored abyssal space, a working theory follows.

  • Triglav - A race of beings occupying, or thought to have constructed “Abyssal Deadspace”.
  • Azdaja - Unknown reference, perhaps a metaphoric name based on Triglav culture.
  • Clades - Political or racial sub category, based on data contained in the stream, Clade could mean clan, race or tribe. Gallente is a Clade in the Human organizational schema.
  • Subclades - Seems to be a broad work based class system categorization (Military, Technical et al); also perhaps sub-racial classification.
  • Entosis - The invasion of a living cell into another cells cytoplasm (all of the contents of a cell held inside a cell membrane)
  • Loop Constructs - Could refer to the Abyssal deadspace pockets.
  • Cladeflow - Subjective: The normal stream of society or passage of time perceived by a race.
  • Veles - One of the clades, or primary racial categorizations.
  • Perun - Another Clade mentioned in the datastreams.
  • Leshak - Battleship sized vessel classified as ‘729 tactical troika’.
  • Paramount Strategic Troika - Perhaps a leadership unit
  • Mortification - death to a particular section of the metaphysical form.
  • Poshlost - a particular negative human character trait or man-made thing or idea.
  • Extirpation - The extension, or total destruction of a species in a local area; differs from Global extinction where all versions everywhere cease to exist.
  • Winnowing - Gathering useful parts from the whole.

Interlinear scholarship

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Varpulis Subclade of Perun Clade encountered the Ancient Enemy Azdaja at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) while processing in sub-18 exclave of conduit loop construct-405. Absolute imperative of poshlost extirpation against Azdaja was invoked without acceptable material realization. Tactical troika of Varpulis Subclade placed a casting of absorbed data into the cladeflow for reflection of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has affirmed the need for playful communion of repeated-time by the Clades Assembled and Subclades Militant and Technical. The entosis of the Ancient Enemy Azdaja into the loop constructs must be sever-reversed by the volition and merge-consent of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. The adaptation schema of cladeships for all tactical troika classifications may be entered into the cladeflow without proving.

Report of the Paramount Strategic Troika of the Leshak Subclade of Veles Clade has reaffirmed the dispersal of reverse-time reclaimed adaptation schema of 729 tactical troika classification vessels into the cladeflow after proving in anti-cladistic mortification with the Ancient Enemy Azdaja.
Repeated-time casting and winnowing of invocations of imperative of poshlost extirpation against Azdaja reveals a (indecipherable) acceptable material realization.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA1, AEA2, and AEA3

Triglav beings outside the areas of Abyssal deadspace have gathered at a special meeting to decide on positive action regarding multiple recommendations of the Military and Scientific communities.

The Invasion of the Ancient Enemy Azdaja (AEA) into the Abyssal Deadspace (Construct-loot et al) pockets of three rooms must be cut away and reversed [put back to a previous state] by the unanimous vote of the Trigalv gathering outside the affected Abyssal deadspeac.e.

The specific data and configuration of ships dedicated to this task [the defeat of Azdaja do not have to go through the normal tests for the introduction of a new ship class. Reports from an engagement of Leshak battleship class vessels from the Veles tribe reaffirmed the action of deploying more Leshak class ships into the fleet. Successful test in battle with AEA. Repeated trials for the total destruction and elimination of the ancient enemy provided a [redacted] positive discovery.

Observations: They have groups of members dedicated to specific tasks, and they have at least some form of hierarchical command structure. At least two subclades have been named, and a larger collective named Perun Clade was named. Theory that at least 3 and as many as 9 Clades exist.

The initial struggle with the “Ancient Enemy” seems to have been provoked by a breach of the AEA (Ancient Enemy Azdaja) into a specific construct of Abyssal space. Frigates engaged the enemy, and failed.

Based on futher scholarship, it is plausable that the AEA in these datastreams may be the “Sleepers”, a group thought to have seperated from the Jovian Empire. More data needed.

Perun Clade includes the following:
Varpulis Subclade
Ognyena Subclade (As seen in datastream ANF1)

Veles Clade: No data.

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