S o l d

WTS, perfect cruiser pilot! +1.5 KK in TRADE!!!

29 bil

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29.0 b nice bid. Reddy to transfer

Cool. Sending ISK

Need account info

OK, just sent that as well via eve mail.

The transfer of the character started. Despite the fact that the character is still attached to your account, they can not play.

Character name: Endless Art

Time to completion :: 10.07.2018 6:04:28

PS Google translate!!! Fly safe!

ehm… RMT?^^


this charsales looks strange… 39 kk sp, sold for the first bet and so fast and it was not a privat sale…

Coz i need ISK for buy another charachter lol ))) Lock this page 17m Cov Ops / Missile/ Bomber / Scanner Starter Character - SALE PENDING

this is a normal price for the character, yours is VERY cheap, you could just extract the SP and would get more…

Dont worry bro ))

i dont :slight_smile: just dont do it so obviously^^

omg bro ) HF FS bro, good luck


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