S.P.A.C.E rewards not showing in wallet from agency

anyone had lots of messages saying this

The Agency: 10 Points Achieved
Sent: 2018.04.12 14:33 << wallet logs normal ticks for ratting at these times

Bountiful Prey (Part 5)
100,000,000 ISK earned

had these on alts too but no isk anyone know why?

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Its saying you earned 100mil in bounties, not that its giving you 100mil :stuck_out_tongue:


only players double your ISK, not NPCs :smiley:

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Yeah, what it gave you was 10 points towards collecting the final reward after 300 points is gained.

Darn. My krab dreams are like:

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probably should not do krab bitch posts late at night when tired thanks for the replies anyhow.

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