Sacrilege Buff to Light Missiles?

Sacrilege has a Buff to Rapid light Missiles ROF but only to Heavy and Heavy assult DMG.
Could it be buff to Light Missiles as well to make it more effective in Burner and Abyss Missions??

I made a Sacrilege Fit for BUrner Transport with Rapid Light but it takes like 2000 Missiles per Dramiel to kill… I know there’s better ships for the task, i.e. Vigilant, but I am just asking if it could be viable
to give it a bonis on Light missiles dmg also…

Maybe other HACS which are focused on Missiles could receive the same treatment??

Rapid Lights are already OP and dmg instead of ROF bonus would buff them even more, cause long reload.

The clip size was nerfed for a reason and this game isnt just balanced around PvE.

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Osprey Navy issue is the answer. It has better dps than Cerberus with Rapid lights!
Also T1 Caracal has both bonus to Rapid rate of fire and light flight time.
So some ships goes in the light direction… :grin:

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