Sacrilege for abyss

Hi everyone, I am looking for a Sacrilege fit. That can run Tier 3 abyss sites. I have been playing around with a fit in game. But I have no experiance with heavy assualt cruisers. Also so far, I have only run the sites with a Gila. So any help here is greatly appreciated.

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Which filaments have you all run in your Gila? You might want to stick with it for the present - many players are having success with it.

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I can run any tier 1 and 2 with no problem. But the one tier 3 i ran, I nearly failed. I had to use an agency booster, to get through it. Which is why I was thinking the differant ship.

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You’ll still need Agency boosters at F3 filaments and up. As the difficulty increases so do the time constraints.

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I am happy to do that, I brought a supply of them. The other reason, is I like to keep trying other ships and fits. To keep the challenge going :slight_smile:

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After you’ve lost a ship or two the challenge is to not lose any more ships.


You are completly right on that one

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At higher tier filaments the challenge lies not so much in being exploded but running out of time because you can’t blast through the reps or kill all the spawns before the timer expires.

I’m theory-crafting a Gila fit for a F3 filament and at present I’m 10-minutes into the second room in the pocket. Chances for our Hero look slim… There’s so much of a random element that at higher filaments a bit that worked previously suddenly breaks horrendously.

This is why I am thinking the sacrilege. Because the guy I saw on twitch using it. It looked like, it could do any tier 3

Your wallet may not forgive you…
Sacrilege F5 Filament

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Thank you, I will take a look. From that I will try to come up with a fit

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check out this fit, T5 sites

Thank you, will take a look

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Just FYI, having watched the video - that’s an uber expensive fit. I put together a “poor man’s” version of that for less than the cost of the Sacrilege hull. There are other options and you don’t necessarily need to follow the herd of lemmings off the cliff.

Yep I am just going to use that video as guideline, and come up with a fit with a lower price tag.

Stick to F3 filaments until you’re very confident with your fit. There’s a reason why some players can reliably run F5 filaments, and it has a lot to do with their skill, their skillset, time spent theory-crafting (on SiSi and TQ) and 5-billion in implants and modules.

I came up with a slightly different variant (different hull, shield-based) that cost me less than the hull price of the Sacrilege for the total fit.

You might also find some luck with mutaplasmids. I created a Abyssal large shield booster that’s almost as good as a Gistum C-Type for 40-million ISK and found a pretty sweet Abyssal 10MN afterburner that’s somewhere between Faction and Deadspace in terms of performance.

Considering the outrageous costs of Deadspace gear - mutaplasmids are looking to be a cheaper alternative.

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