Any Fit suggestions for lvl 5?

I am having problems finding a ship and fit capable of running lvl 5 sites. Any help?

And anyone calculated the isk a hour per teir yet?

Tier 5 filament sites? There are some Gila, Deimos and Sacrilege fits I’ve seen. All fairly expensive but apparently they do the trick.

I think he’s talking about filaments.

There has been some work on F5s but nothing fully reliable. Pimped Gila or Sacrilege both seem to mostly work.

Payouts are tricky because a) loot drops are really random and b) prices aren’t stable yet.

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The Triglavian neut/death spawn on F5 filaments can be really brutal. This is where the extra bling and implants make all the difference.

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I saw 1 vid with a Gila running it. Most other are with the sacrilege with high grade crystals and a blingy fit. In looking for cheaper than 6 bol in fits and implants

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