Sad lion story of the day

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So i really feel bad for these lions, who knows what kind of illness they can get from this event…

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That’s some effective anti-poaching… :thinking:

Indeed, i really hope the lions doesn’t get sick…

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I see three candidates for the Darwin Awards.

They might not qualify for being poor and desperate. :thinking:

I wouldn’t romanticizes it. The poaches weren’t poor when they can afford riffles. Instead, they wanted more cash. Rhino horn only gets more valuable the fewer there are left. The poaches simple will have gotten careless. No locals would have wandered this far into the wild where it has wild lions. To think those were some poor souls only trying to make a living is only patronizing. Africans may not all be living in cities and suburbs as we do, but it’s really only us who think of them as being poor.

Most likely they were part of an organization like the somali pirates that took the mearsk alabama. In the movie you see the pirates land side and a shot caller or sergent if you will, showed up and told them to go to work. Its not like they ran down to dicks sporting goods or bass pro and bought the rifles. Those are tools of their trade and are passed around like weapons in the modern US military with much less paperwork and scrutiny.

If I were still a betting man Id put up a lot of isk ballistics come back possitive for other animal shootings.

This is something I want to get into but its hard to find info on jobs in this field and the right jobs as to where its not interfering with ongoing ops as we seen two, maybe three years ago with the muscled up female with tats and a big gun that was in the news.

Can you provide a link to pics of this Snu Snu, please?

Ok. Ill stop being lazy. Appearently there was some kind of guck up with either her, her party or a similar group that was interfering with antipoaching ops already taking place. She was quite the hero before the backlash happened.

My curse is if its not life threatening, its not comitted to permenant memory.

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