Safe logout issue?

Twice today I’ve safe logged-out but the only message I got is ‘connection closed’ or something like that. In fact I thought my connection dropped before I could finish safe logging out, so I logged back in and safe logged out again. But it did it again. Then my friend safe logged out after me and the same thing happened to him. If I’m not wrong, it used to confirm that you safe logged out?

Did a bug happen with the last patch? Can anyone else confirm or shed some light?

Last night at midnight (00:25) did we have a minor drop in player numbers. See here.

No idea what caused it, but if your problem was around the same time then you’re one of those few affected by it.

I have this issue from time to time when I use safe logout.
Using two toons in the same place, I could confirm the first one was really logged out even when the only message was ‘connection closed’. So now, I just assume the safe logout did go well even if I got this message (assuming the timer reached 0, of course).

I too did it with two characters to watch the result and it seems to work ok.

I seem to remember that message from a while back too, but dont quote me on that.

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