SAFE WALLET big RED button

I destroyed my Clone accidentally installing an empty clone into a good clone, while jumping to another station clone. a llttle alert window came up. Yes or no. Too little to read. I just clicked yes.
And then looked back. I thought, that there would have been now two clone back in that station, but there was just one, the empty, stupid dummy clone. The other clone, with implants, was gone.

One weejk earlier, I made a market order error and tax fee was something like 1Billion or something…
I couldn’t read all those zeros, commas. I clicked ok. and my wallet plummet under ground.

Now this happened a second time. And I’m beginning to question whether a SAFE WALLET big RED button, like the one we got in space, prohibiting ourself to activate a smart bomb in HS for error, just the same anti-stupidity feature, applied to the root character, that safeguards your char from doing horribly stupid things. like clone destroying, over the edge fee processing or tax paying.

Clearly little Alert windows is not doing it for me.

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Perhaps reading the messages would be good going forward.




The message is pretty clear, please no more red dots



Eve needs a trash can… oh wait


BIG RED Button please!

Sorry for spleenioing but not-my President just announced on radio and my brain broke in half. My hand would follow.

It’s small. Too Small.

I want safe.
YOU want safe.

We need aliance to get a better wallet - char protection feature.

Don’t get it?

While you fly safe in space and trig a smartbomb near concord by mistake doesn’t safe guard help people not self destruct accidentally???

It is good people, don’t you see???

Open your minds please!

This has nothing to do with Red DOTS! Which are way too small either ways…

Thats what she said

In all seriousness, have you considered increasing the font size?

Or decreasing the resolution?

Or getting an eye test?

Or are you just trollin?


It is about a BIG red button, not tiny dots which you hoover over and disappear.

I thought this was about you accidently gassing your own clone, what have dots got to do with it?

I f I could get only alrets GIANT size, i’do it.

But can’t increase font size and mantain HUD size.

That could help. I have weak eyesight, yes.

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Like everything else in Eve, you check twice before hitting the yes button.

If you can’t read the message because it’s too small, get your eyesight checked.

If the text is too small for you to read then adjust the UI scale so you can read the text.

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Customization option. Big Alert fonts only,
There’s nothing I can do about my eyesight unfortunately.
It’s radiation problem.

Eyeglasses time, friend…

It’s possible, but I’m with stupid, and even so I could do stupid thinks, like mistaking a comma for a dot.

It’s not dots. I’s a button.

Yes. You brought up red dots. I dont know why.


I gotta get on a walk. No I did not brought up red dots argument.