Safely helping noobs w/ missions

I’m in the Arnon area these days, and thought I’d see if there are players stuck on Dagon or any of the slightly more difficult SoE Epic Arc missions.

Back in the day, there was this scam where the scammer asks for help running a mission - you join fleet with them. However, the scammer has intentionally become at war with their secret ally. The scammer warps you off to some destination (which they can do because you are in their fleet). You land at the site of the ally(s) who then gank you to death without consequence.

Can someone please remind me the proper mechanics to use so that I can safely assist noobs, getting to the right destination (their mission site) without having to fleet up with them?

Thank you so much.

You can prevent the fleet warps with “Flag exempt from fleet warps”. That won’t help you if they just let you warp to them into the same camp. You can use things like to quickly get an overview over who is in local and what do they do in terms of PVP.

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This is a noob question - was / is there a way to ask the person needing help to copy-paste a bookmark of the site?

That is possible. You can (or could) also just share the mission journal with other people in a fleet in the past so that you could see the mission details of the person in need and warp to the mission from the journal. That is not possible any more with the Agency, though, as far as I know.

If in fleet with somebody who is at war, you also become a legitimate target for their enemy? That does not sound right…

I believe it used to kind of work this way a fair few years ago but not no longer. You can safely be in any fleet with loads of people at war and not worry about the guys they at war with. Only would need to worry if in a blinged ship and you get warped to a gank squad. Unless your anywhere else but high sec. To the op, nothing to worry about fleeting in high sec tbh.

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You can copy bookmarks by holding down shift and dragging the bookmark to cargo hold or station hangar. Then contract it or trade the bookmark :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t work that way anymore. Look up Crimewatch mechanics and read about limited aggression.

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Even simpler is to just drag to ship cargo hold, jetcan the bookmark then abandon the jetcan so the helper can take from the jetcan and add to their peoples and places right away.

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As people mentioned already, this is a thing of the past. Used to be called the “Lofty”… after a pilot who did that a lot back in the early days.

If you want to see how it used to work. My old buddy Commander Andrews / Vasili vonHolst made a Video about it back then.

Good old memories about the old days in Eve. Got quite some good ISKies out of it to from convincing people in their faction ships that it is fine to fleet up with him :joy:


There is a much simpler solution: just drag & drop your BM to your Notepad and then you can do with it anything you want to (The BM in Notepad will be converted like a “Link”).
Drag it (from Notepad) into your Chat-Window or send it as a message (Mail) to anyone you want, private, fleet or as a Corp.

EDIT: It will work only for Stations and Systems but not for “Coordinates”. To copy special locations (coordinates) do the follow: click with the right mouse-button on your BM, choose the option “Show on Map”, find your BM on the map, it will be defined as: “Location: …”., now you can drag it from the Map wherever you want to, Chat, Lists, Notepad or Mails.


Sometime in what 2012? This used to work but fleets don’t inherit flags anymore. Feel free to fleet with whoever you wish and your only risks are being bumped, being suicide ganked and being killed by NPC’s. Unless of course you have safety not on green, accept a duel or shoot a flashy player

Learn something new about EvE almost every day and been playing since 2005 :smiley: Thanks for this

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Actually you only really need to worry if you plan on repping them, as that would flag you to war targets afaik, being in a fleet as you correctly mention no longer makes you immediately vulnerable

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I did not read all the replies here, so, I apologize in advance if I say here something that has been already covered in the above replies . I have lived in Arnon for like 8 years trading there and I am known as an incurable New Player helper for almost as long … The White Knight and protector of Newbies if you will,
A few new rules and mechanics have been trickling in to this scenario for years. First, a mention of those, then the way I, myself, help newbies there with Kritsan and/or Dagan.

  1. There is a newish mechanic that magically places like say, Kritsan magically in their cargohold rather than being IN his jettison container when his ship is destroyed. I can only assume this is to stop vets from griefing new players by stealing their prize and trying to contract it back to them as you will STILL see contracts for Kritsan at this amount.
    2 The latest Rookie Griefing official post from CCP … … Habitually participating in such activities has been BANNABLE for some time …
    NOW … How to best help a new player kill Kritsan or Dagan … Fleet HIM then ask him to fly to his mission location and tell you when he has come to a full stop. Then warp to HIM and help him as you will …
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I apologize - I’m almost exclusively a solo player so I don’t know fleet mechanics. When you say ‘Fleet HIM’, does that mean a) I form the fleet, and then ask him to join, or b) Tell him to form a fleet, send me an invite, and I accept.


Either should work AFAIK, you can warp to any member by default, not sure if this feature can be disabled but unless it is switched off somehow you should be able to warp to any member regardless if you made the fleet or if invited to one, according to my slight experience with fleets.

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Being in a fleet with a war target no longer makes you a valid Target. If you Provide any form of remote assistance to a player who is a member of a corporation at war, you can be flagged as suspect.

As this answers your question i will go ahead and close this.

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