Safest way to unanchor a Citadel?

So in other words don’t unanchor it? :joy:

Why worry about your own citadel unanchoring when you can just steal someone else’s when they unanchor it?



Because they want the stations to be risk free isk printers. Why else does a carebear do anything?


I’m not sure most high-sec structures are even profitable - especially for small groups. When you factor in the setup and maintenance costs, you need to run quite a few jobs just to break even.


Before the changes to the structures, not so much the wardec, but the abandoned mode, everybody and their mom had a structure in hisec. As runners that was ideal cause every time you needed to repair for free by tethering, you could.

But the amount of giant balls of mass taking up space was a bit much especially when owners of said places quit playing. Hence abandoned mode.

On the subject of hisec. Its not a “safespace” it means that if you do something offensively against another player (like shooting) then CONCORD WILL destroy your ship.

Wardecs are like a bribe to fight in hisec without concord interfering.


Create a set time, and then make the structure vulnerable after being abandoned.

I agree that a structure needs to be maintained. Remember the forcefield on an old POS going down after the fuel ran out?

7 days no fuel = abandoned

Yes, I was saying that CCP should make it so that anyone can attack an abandoned structure, to avoid space clutter.

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You can.

You’re saying that I can attack an abandoned structure in HS without a WD?

Will war declarations still be required to shoot abandoned upwell structures in highsecurity space?
A: Yes, you will still need an active war to shoot abandoned structures without Concord ending your bash really early.

Your initial comment didnt specify space. But outside of hisec fair game

I used to have quite a few up until the day Ala was dragged into Triglavian space, but for me they were money pits. Fun money pits, since I liked having them, but hardly anyone would rent an office or use the facilities to make back the fuel cost. That meant your savings had to come from reduced job costs or accelerated speed and you’d have to save at least as much as the fuel you spent just to break even, and this assumes the structure is left to stand and there are no ongoing ‘protection’ expenses.

The biggest problem I see with them is that they became required to participate in wars, even as a victim. It was a fundamental shift in the non-consensual pvp landscape that excluded people willing to fight or take up arms over a dispute, but who did not want a structure, or weren’t willing to pay for one. To me it feels like they made a toy for manufacturers that PvP pilots would have little interest in and then decided to ram it down their throats by making it absolutely necessary to have one to assert yourself in highsec.

I generally have a negative disposition on anything that makes highsec wars more expensive or less accessible, though.


You absolutely can do this.

You just probably won’t like the consequences of doing so, however, but no one is stopping you from doing this.

This. If your structure isn’t entertaining enough to you, find a buyer and sell it.

If you can’t find a buyer… create an alt, have it create a corporation, transfer the structure to the alt’s corporation, then wardec the alt corp with your main corp, and have the alt remove the fuel and modules while the war between your alt and your main(s) is active.
The dedicated structure farmers might wardec your alt corporation, too, but you’ll have a 24 hour window before they attack, as your war is already active by the time the structure notification is sent to them, and their war isn’t even declared yet. Most likely, they won’t even send a scout before their war has activated, so you can wreck your structure and pick everything other players stored inside your structure w/o the structure farmers interfering.


This. How I got out of hs. Was a fair deal.

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