Saint Garkeh

I note that Cardinal Chakaid was present at the dedication of the Basilica of Saint Garkeh.

Though I have been unable to find a hagiography of St. Garkeh that would explain the nature of their holy acts.

Perhaps @Alar_Chakaid could enlighten us? How about it, Cardinal?

I’m not sure how I feel about living Saints, but as Chakaid was never one who was particularly knowledgeable about the Faith, it’s unsurprising that he’d revere a blooder clone as such.


Arsia darling, we’ve been over this.

When I’m trying to get the “truth” straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s better if you don’t say anything until we see if the fish takes a bite.

So please, ssssh.

Are you implying that Alar Chakaid is a seahorse?


Out of all the things I do, shhhhing isn’t generally one of them.

Besides, there’s no point in holding back to get some sort of answer out of him. On the off chance that he actually responds, it’ll just be the same spiel he always gives. He doesn’t earnestly participate in conversation. He puffs up his chest and pushes the same general narrative every time he posts.

So I’m not going to shhhh.


I’m quite sure the opportunity to big up the “accomplishments” of “Saint” Garkeh the Irritatingly Prolonged, would be so tempting that “Cardinal” @Alar_Chakaid could not resist and would surely appear in this thread to list the Saints accomplishments such as:

I mean, I, for one, am genuinely curious to find out if any miracles or profound theological thoughts are attributed to the saint.

I really think I do like you. Tea, sometime?


Absolutely! Anytime!


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