In celebration of the life of Saint Garkeh

The life of the Saints of Amarr are often fraught with misinterpretation – indeed, it is often the nature of divine inspiration by God that the truth and rightness of the acts of a Saint reveal themselves with the due course of time and all too often we can only but revere their lives with their passing. With the recent canonization of Saint Garkeh by Cardinal-Duke Chakaid of the Theology Council, it is time to reflect upon the life and work of this Saint who ruled in the Kingdom as King Khanid II and the nature of his divine inspiration by God.

It is with the passing of time since Saint Garkeh reneged upon Shathol’syn that it becomes clearer the necessity of such an action at the time it occurred. For it becomes clear now that the purity of the Khanid people, faithful unto God for millennia had to be preserved due to the rule of Emperor Heideran VII. With an Empire riven by the defeats of Vak’Atioth, the abnegation and usurpation of the Minmatar, and the widespread and endemic corruption that allowed a follower of Sanist heresies to rise to the position of Chamberlain and Regent that the Khanid people had to be spared and protected from these horrors that they may one day return unharmed to their brothers and sisters of the Faith.

Far from being a cynical power-grab as some alleged at the time of the formation of the Khanid Kingdom, Saint Garkeh protected those Khanid he was charged with as his subjects from the evils of corruption and heresy until the advent of Saint Jamyl and her blessed rule of the Amarr Empire, and he indeed did submit in the end to the rites of Shathol’syn as a holy martyr once the darkness and enemies from within had been destroyed.

As such, I celebrate the blessed life of Saint Garkeh, protector of the Khanid people, and may his consecrated basilica stand as testament to his rule.

Hail to the King, Khanid III.

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