Sale Cancelled


(Anduin Spartan) #1

Sale Cancelled

WTB Rorqual Pilot
WTB Perfect pilot Rorqual 30-35M
:star: IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!
WTB Rorqual Pilot or Pilots a few years old /w clean records
WTB Rorqual Pilot
:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(Gaius Nardieu) #2

I am for sale

(Gervais Tivianne) #3

I am for sale

(Geralt Boirelle) #4

I am for sale

(Lela Molou) #5

I am for sale

(Estela Mongaguarda) #6

I am for sale

(The Bottom Line) #7

How much for all as a b/o now isk rdy

(Anduin Spartan) #8

300 Billion

(Anduin Spartan) #9


(Aivolen Kera) #10

I know you’re looking for more but this is the best I can offer right now and it may get the ball rolling atleast, 50 bil for Estela

(Anduin Spartan) #11

Bids start at 50 bil and I’ll consider it

(Aivolen Kera) #12

I don’t expect to win but your toons are great and needed some love, is the best offer I can give, wish I could go higher.

(Anduin Spartan) #13

Toons still up for sale!

(Popo big) #14

Estela Mongaguarda 51B

(Aivolen Kera) #15

52 Bil for Estela

(Anduin Spartan) #16

If there is no further bids in 24 hours on Estela I’ll accept the 52 billion bid

(Aivolen Kera) #17

I’ll adjust my bid to 52.5 for Lela instead of Estela, if you’d be willing to accept it in 24 hours (assuming no one bids higher.)

(Anduin Spartan) #18

Sounds good

(Aivolen Kera) #19

Offer retracted sorry, found another toon

(Anduin Spartan) #20

All toons still for sale