Sale Cancelled

If there is no further bids in 24 hours on Estela I’ll accept the 52 billion bid

I’ll adjust my bid to 52.5 for Lela instead of Estela, if you’d be willing to accept it in 24 hours (assuming no one bids higher.)

Sounds good

Offer retracted sorry, found another toon

All toons still for sale

Daily bump

All five toons are still for sale

Gervais Tivianne 50B

Thanks for the bid

I can personally attest to the perfection of these rorqual pilots. Having mined with them I never once saw them do anything like Welp an excavator to rats or even so much as leave a stray Wetu on the grid. Not a single one of these toons is miner 16 material. In facet, you are looking at Miners 1-5 right here.

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Daily bump

If not sold by Monday they will be skill extracted

Give me all your isk

What happened to Gervais Tivianne?

I decided to keep him

Pm me a price for all of them

I’m on my phone and not home.

Pm sent

If there isn’t a buyout in a couple hours, sale is canceled and I’m skill extracting all the toons.

I’d love to buy but Don’t have 50 bil, can you find the best one and when you skill extract leave only the stuff needed to pilot and orca, reprocessing skills, and industry skills?