Selling 2 focused Rorqual toons

Selling 2 focused Rorqual toons:

Rogue Acimi - SOLD
Braven Acimi - SOLD
Artemisia Acimi - SOLD

All CCP rules apply.
Will pay transfer fee.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

19 and we got a deal.

dont lie to me, i saw your post on another rorq toon for 20b. Thanks for the bump

Yes! ~ But I deleted it! ~ Because the money is not enough


Still for sale ?

They are still for sale, yes :slight_smile:

bump! lowered price for both of them, going for 18b.

18b/o rogue acimi

Accepted, send me isk and account details on Rogue and i will begin the transfer.

i will be back at my pc around 7pm eastern. will transfer all then

sound good

forgot to delete the toon. ill post back when its deleted. sorry for the inconvenience

Delete what toon? Are you still buying or?

Characters are still for sale, bump.

yes i forgot to delete my 3rd toon of the account it was going on

ah okay

Artemisia still for sale, now for 17B last B/O.

transferred isk and evemailed the toon the transfer account (made a new account)

Transfer has now started.

Artemisia Acimi still for sale (adding a new alt aswell soon)