WTS 60M sp 1 day from Rorqual, Cald spec. +++ lots

Selling Relena

she is 1 day from rorqual and has most the support skills for it. also she is a maxed ship and site scanner. with a focus in caldari sub caps including very high tengu skills.

she has lvl 4 agents with sansha, blood and gurista. -0.5 sec. no kill rights
located in jita, positive wallet.

looking for 60b but accepting offers

no interest?

45 bil


46 bil


wiill sell wiith in 24hours but if anyone want to buyout at 50.

47.5b offered

48 bil

Gattttanera. if you mail account details and isk i will transfer the character in morning when ii wake up

gattanera has not sent isk so this is still open to others

I can do 46.5 Online Now.

Hey. Didn’t see your reply. I can send the ISK tomorrow, feel free to sell someone else if there’s a better offer on the table.

Thats ok. basically unless some one posts a buyout offer at 50 it is yours when you’re ready as your the hiighest

My offer is still good at 47.5b, isk is ready.

if you still want ii absolute send iisk and account

Tried to convo you in game… I am online waiting for you

gatt ok logging in

All done on my end, thanks!

all done thx