Sale complete---Please ignore this post----

CTACOH Minersala

Born 2013.05.30
18,332,547 SP (as of 1520 eve time on 1 Nov 18)
Positive Wallet Balance
Sitting in hisec 1.0 Amarr (Emperor Family Academy)
No kill rights
Positive sec status

Click here for skills

1 total Jump Clone Available, though skills trained for 4 (Standard implants)

Cybernetics Level 5 trained…(I know you were wondering…)

Gallente Transport pilot Occator/Viator

Looking for a quick sale!!!

This character will of course received isk so that CCP can track the isk inherent in the transaction

Ready to transfer immediately

Sale will end at 2359hrs, 1 Nov 18, unless purchased prior

Starting Bid 9B

New Buyout 9.5B

started 9B

@Robert_Kriman 9B bid confirmed, Thank you sir!

Daily bump also please note buyout added.

Sale ends in 90 minutes…any buyout offers?

9.5b b/o

Tibarius you ofc are the winner. Please transfer the isk and I’ll initiate character transfer on my part. Please evemail the account name to this toon. Today is an office day for me , so I’ll be able to check in all day versus my lovely days on the road for my job. I should be able to get this done fairly quickly on my part.

Thank you Tibarius, 9.5B isk received and account name received. Transfer initiated.


You have chosen to transfer the character CTACOH Minersala to the account named XXXXXXXXXX.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

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