Same time?...Same time

Today is the day.

The day me, and my older brother Keith finally get to have our rematch.

Years of waiting, planning and research will finally pay off.

He has no idea what hes in for.

I smile to myself for the first time in years.

at least since Molden Heath. Together, our greatest accolades,accomplishments, and profits.

Also our greatest failure.

Friends purged and biomassed or worse yet trapped in the tac net or exiled, I could not tell you what is worse. I feel the ones who experinced that final death to be blessed.

I force myself to focus on the task at hand.

Nostalgia saves no one.

His coordinates make sense given his recent absence.

Thinking to myself as the last of my cargo was unloaded.

I made sure to pay the dock foreman and his crew well for the work and even better to keep it to themselves, with, of course, regular payments to come sort my cargo prority upon my docking.

With those affairs sorted, I look towards the hangers and amongs bunny themed graffiti, spy the location I was given to met him at.

Hissi fit lounge it read.

Chuckling to myself i walk in, its a slow hr hardly anyone here, but I see him at the bar.

One cybernetic arm and his smug grin laughing and joking with a dock worker about an arm wreastling match.

As he notices me approach he motions for two more drinks and excuses himself to the worker.

more to come.


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