Sandbox Design Mistakes

  1. Instanced content. The whole base design concept of EVE is one space, everyone shares. Instanced content is many copies of the same space that no one shares. This is the most glaring error and speaks directly to the competence of the management, at a certain point management should kill bad ideas that individual contributors may have. It’s called design oversight.

  2. MTU. In a sandbox game where player content and player professions are everything, replacing a player profession with an unpiloted object is another mindboggling error.

  3. 1v1 instanced PvP in an MMO is a mistake so obvious even WoW clones have not made it. In an MMO where diversity is everything, 1v1 is the enemy of diversity. To make the “queue” a PvE instance makes this mistake a point of actual ridicule for the game in the greater PvP community.

  4. ECM target back. A tangible example of why 1v1 was a mistake, because ECM didn’t work in 1v1 they trashed it game wide. Then to make matters worse they put out a blog that lied (or was ignorant) about the counters that exist for ECM.

  5. Ending the blackout. Lets face it, they caved to the bot bears. Lost CCP Falcon, one of the last true sandbox voices, in the fallout.

  6. Making Command Ship Mining Ships. The key factor that always prevented AFK mining was that you had to manage the incoming ore because the hold on mining ships is not large enough. The command ships have huge ore holds that allow mined ore to be processed directly without player interaction. This is the KEY ENABLER for AFK mining.

  7. Adding capital ship creep to sov null without expanding sov null. Most people mistakenly think null is empty so I am not even going to bother explaining this, some people “get it”, some don’t.

Plus all the things I missed? :slight_smile:


well, it’s clear you can do better, I look forward to your alternative game.

If you want to put a stop to AFK mining, shoot and kill them
If you want to loot MTU’s, shoot them and kill them
If you want to see whom is in your area, use directional scan
Every system is an instance


mistakes… here… there… this game is full of them… I can`t breathe

he means instance as in “dedicated instance”, not as the real meaning of instance. He obviously lacks the intellectual capacities to understand what an instance actually is, from how he considers that anything he does not like is “mistake”.



That one is truely sad. Pains me that CCP did not go bankrupt over introducing something so stupid and listening to someone so incompetent such as Falcon. Falcon was a true EVE player: shouting nonsense, demanding nonsense and getting nonsense done without any care for the consequences.


My corp makes a profession out of probing them down, blowing them up and making off with the lewt.

Oh and we manufacture and sell them too. Quite often to people who got their MTUs probed down and blown up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You can do both those things with ships, of course attacking a ship with a pilot takes more balls then attacking an MTU.

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I think they’re milking a 17 year old game pretty well


this tells me you didn’t rat, not one second, prior to the implementation of the MTU.

i did , thats why i find the noctis topic curious

Then how would I know about the salvager profession that was lost?

Use your brain before you post, but don’t hurt yourself.


You need to have one.

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are you german ?

Because race matters! Asshole.

chill dude i was just asking because i heard on the interwebs that the germans were the most enthusiasts salvagers in eve

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So it’s ok because you are following up on a stereotype, got it!

i was just thinking to myself if that stereotype is true or not
are you german btw?

You pretty much nailed everything. I don’t agree with you on ECM, though, and I think the cap situation is more of a balancing issue the same way Upwell is out of control than an issue where sov needs to be expanded (ie. cap-to-subcap ratio in fleets is too damn high, they can be OP and hard to take down compared to subcaps, and the fact that there are so many of them to begin with - but this can be addressed with rebalancing).

Kudos to you for speaking up on Blackout :+1: . I know a lot of HS carebears who loved blackout, so I assume you’re talking about the nullsec carebears?

I regularly disagree with @Salt_Foambreaker (though lately I’ve agreed with him on a lot of things), but he’s not an idiot. He’s pretty damn smart, actually.

The statements you’ve both made countering his on instances are completely out of context. He’s obviously not talking about singletons. While he didn’t specify, I assume he’s talking about Abyssal space, which are the only non-singleton instanced content in the game at the moment. Abyssal space was one of the worst features ever introduced to EVE.

This has nothing to do with stealing loot or griefing others, etc, it has to do with eliminating a profession and collaborative play with regards to specializing in looting and salvaging. MTUs also made the Noctis all but obsolete in most circumstances. Furthermore, MTUs have had a negative impact on the economy by enabling more loot and to a lesser extent salvage to flood the economy than there should be. Before MTUs, there wasn’t as much because fewer people actually looted and salvaged, so supply was lower and prices was higher (both of which were good thing), and those who actually looted/salvaged made more money from their efforts.

i just saw a video and asked a dude about were he is from and he got all triggered
i call that a snowflake
but thats me


A star system in EvE is not an instance you ninny…it is a room with very specific permanent furniture. That anyone can enter or leave as they please, or interact at will with anyone else in that room as they desire.