A passing thought on EVE development direction

I was watching this excellent video by Asmongold as he reviews another persons video about WoW and its development mishaps : Asmongold Watches “World of Warcraft is Garbage - An Essay” by mash

I want to point out that I’ve felt a similar way about EVE and urge caution about further treading down this path for EVE.

The first thing I want to mention is that instancing content via Abyss sites is extremely unhealthy for the game. The signs are everywhere, you’re removed from space, immune to interference in highsec, rewards pay too much and the sites aren’t really very dangerous especially for moron-machines like the Gila. The more instancing that gets introduced the worse the game becomes because you are incentivising people to stop interfacing with other players and do a solo activity in seclusion. This violates the principles EVE was founded on. I’ve heard of people making 300m+ per hour with assfrigs in some abyss sites, making these abyss sites the most profitable activity in the game when compared to cost of investment. This game already has problems with activities relating to solo players, it’s an MMO, right now, we are trending to just O and leaving MM behind completely. That’s not a statement strictly limited to EVE but to MMOs in general.

Second point I want to raise is the nature of the game. Log in rewards, loot crates, skins, event sites and timed-to-expire items. What is the lowest common denominator here? They’re all Soft. They aren’t really content. There’s nothing to fight over once the instance or period is finished. No one is going to be dread bombing a tower to loot 100,000 expired SP boosters. People used to drop towers for those delicious ship hangar arrays though. The failure to introduce permanence to the game via items is diminishing the value playing it. Goals are becoming intangible. Log in to receive some piece of crap I barely remember an hour later. As Asmongold says in the video; if I don’t feel attached to my character or to the events going on around me, why would I care about how I look or the rewards I get? Especially when the rewards these days are structured around emptying the game of high end loot via bricking them (obviously intentional as anyone with a brain can see ISK vs assets is WAY out of equilibrium). The opportunity to brick something doesn’t matter as much to me as getting that sweet A-type drop I been looking for.

I do have more to talk about but not right now. I want to express in the strongest terms possible that I see EVE losing its grip on a permanent world thanks to the stagnation in the game. The game is TOO large. It has hundreds of near empty systems that are not worth living in. This might be thematically accurate due to the nature of space but it grinds action to a slower pace and encourages turtling. We see this best with NCdot and Goons (the former has Command ship blobs as response fleets and the latter has titans camping gates DDing interlopers). These things wouldn’t be possible under other circumstances, regions separated by gates because of the physical design of the universe, necessitating chokeholds which only further encourages more turtling. Attempting to jump from Cache to Vale is like spinning the wheel on whether there will be a gatecamp. It’s dull, tired and hurts the principles this game was founded on. EVE continues to add new space unnecessarily and does nothing to address the unused areas it already has. While WoW had Cataclysm which was awful in general the overhaul to the OG world wasn’t unwelcome and precipitated in some interesting new discoveries for an old and disenfranchised player like myself.

Maybe EVE needs a Cataclysm just to clean up the garbage which has been accumulating outside the front door for 15 years.


Except the part where they blow you up ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, most of null/WH’s is “essentially” instanced in that most systems rarely have more than one person in them, not exactly a group activity

These don’t interest me mainly because they are all items that i, a 15 year old character, really don’t need

What other circumstances exactly? people have always defended their space and this isn’t really a new thing, removing titans won’t change this, what exactly do you seem to “think” is the solution to that exactly?

See you’re complaining about the game not being true to itself then literally pointing out one of the original features of this game as being a problem? gatecamps have existed since the start of EVE, i remember camping gates in null back when i started lol, you were always risking landing in a camp, thats the point :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t really anything they “can” do with that space, if people aren’t using it its because its not worth using, not every system in the game has to be populated or used

And how would you propose this exactly? they won’t remove systems and there isn’t really much they can do to encourage people to live in systems that don’t offer anything, i’m not actually sure you even really know what it is you actually want


That is just not what instanced is.

Instanced means more than one COPY of the same space, in EVE only Abyss is instanced.


Did I misunderstand your explanation?
Instanced means only one copy of that specific area has been generated for a person/group and no one outside those can interact with them/it.

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Easy to harvest and farm repeatedly sources of wealth is the culprit.
Endless 0.0 anomalies , endless ore sites,endless lvl4 &5 missions(another big issue here is blitzing especially lvl5s),DED sites with low effort to blitz, proliferation of alts through most activities instead of team play.
Thing is when one guy does it others don’t want to fall behind in the race for acquiring more isk,ships,ore etc so eventually everyone does it so people farm because x or y players do it and they got more stuff or more cool stuff

I am aware, hence why i said “essentially”, how did you even manage to play EVE without learning to read?

Or to put it in terms you might actually understand

If there is only one person in a system it doesn’t matter if its not instanced, as for all intents and puposes there isn’t any real difference, there are loads of people who don’t get caught even in normal systems, because they go to out of the way places to farm or farm epty systems inside their own space where you can’t really get to them anyway

In other words: it isn’t instanced space at all. Use the correct words next time if you want to make sense.

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Not a native english speaker i take it :stuck_out_tongue:

As i said there is a reason i typed “essentially”, note the " " marks, i appreciate that would require you to read the entire post and actually think about it, but as an EVE player that should be something you’re used to , apologies for assuming you were smarter than you were, i’ll try not to use complicated words in future, i will keep them nice and small and simple for you

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Correct, Dutch is. And yours must be Gibberish.

No, its Smartarse

Nope, mines english, so yeah not being a native speaker means you can miss certain things, when i said “essentially” with quotes, it basically meant “about as close as you can get without actually being it”

A similar phrase to explain what i mean would be “To all intents and puposes” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/to_all_intents_and_purposes#English


I didn’t miss it. Use different words and you don’t need the “” . The problem lies with your grasp of language, not with others.

Two related languages.

Gatecamps are a side effect of how gates transfer your character between server nodes. They’re an unfortunate byproduct of the programming of the game. As a small mercy at least gate camps actually require people to be there, its not an automated process.

There are a ton of systems that could be deleted or even moved to better geographic locations so that the game gets more dynamic. Some compression of otherwise unused and unusable space will help. I live in Curse, my location does not make it prohibitively difficult to get around and find something. But once you start hitting wicked creek, thukker space and outwards to etherium reach etc you go a dozen jumps without seeing a single person. That represents lost time for me and anyone chasing me/running in to me. That lost time adds up. I’ve played the game for 10 years, now the threat of going a whole evening with nothing to shoot is a reality. Last night we went all the way to deep Querious and didn’t find a single thing to kill. Maybe bad time zone? Maybe too much space to cover.

Try claiming those sistems and you will see that they are not empty

Says the person who doens’t grasp my native language, its a perfectly valid use of the english language, i grasp the language just fine, its you not grasping mine which appears to be the issue here :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t matter which langauge you use the"" in. You claim a pear is “essentially” a weird shaped apple. It isn’t. It is a pear. I am done with you.

Right, and they have existed from literally day 1, these are features by design, this is how the game is meant to work, aka “true to itself” and you claim that this core mechanic is hurting the principles the game was founded on :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re literally contradicting yourself

That isn’t how this works, the systems are there to be used, if people are CHOOSING not to use them then that is down to the players to fix not CCP, they already messed with the highways back in the day and that resulted in jita being born :stuck_out_tongue:

And i’m failing to see how this is something CCP can fix, they can’t force players to use every available system, some regions just aren’t as great as others, this is always going to be the case, i’m not seeing a reason to remove systems or regions just to make it easier for you to run in to people, space is huge

See i’ve found the problem, you expect to find content 100% of the time without doing any legwork, that isn’t going to happen so you might want to adjust your expectations down a notch or 12

Again, i’m not seeing how this is an actual “problem”, i’ve been on numerous fleets where we don’t get a single kill, thats just life, you don’t always get what you want

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No. Engine limitations aren’t “features” any more than meme bugs in other games.

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I never claimed a pear is essentially anything, i said a single player in a system without anyone elses is, to all intents and puposes an instanced environment, seeing as the systems ingame are all instanced, yes its an instance you can enter if you wish but that doens’t really change much, if you don’t there is no meaningful difference between mostly AFK ratting in an otherwise empty system and running abyssal pockets, hence the use of “essentially”