Sanity check for a PI noob

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If this posts correctly, you can see the three launchers there. This is a coolant factory farm with 18 Factories. I pull p1 materials from the extractor planets and fill up the POCO with the respective p1 mats (water and electrolytes) to the bottom launchers there on the ice planet. The top one receives all the outputs. If I had used only one launcher, I would have to submit a expedited transfer twice for every time I had to refill the launchers. Once from the silo that would receive the Coolant and after that was exported, the other p1 to another silo to maximize how long I can leave it and go. Or just limit myself to a single launcher from which all the factories pull from, forcing me to return here in half a day at best. These layouts are catered to MY playstyle and schedule. They are intended to be the least troublesome so that I minimize how often I have to do pickups/transfers and deliveries. Using three helps me land on the planet and finish the pull and refill and be done as quickly as I land and align to my next planet or station. It’s quick enough to do everything while in warp in a moderately sized system, 40au being the farthest warp, 5 of them being within 15au of each other. Aside from the regular push and pull every day and a half (sometimes I don’t even have to move the ship, but simply sign on or do this all at the undock). Timed, it takes only 10 minutes per character. I migrate the finished product every week and a half, when it can fill an entire epithal’s PI specialized hold full of p3 and p4. That’s more than a generous extra income for relatively low maintenance setups. Link to same image with overlay information.

Sun-Tzu's Guide To PI (from old forums)
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Picture of an extractor planet. p0->p1. Lowsec.

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Thanks … those make sense now :slight_smile: myself I tend to use a much less maximized approach & go for flexibility as I’m still working out what (I think) works profit wise.

So I tend to throw a line of storage silos down 1st then add the factories in down the side of that line so I can see what mats I have at each stage, production progresses down the line drawing from the previous silo & delivering to the next.

I pull what I want to export to the launch pad with an expedite when it’s ready & send it up.

Currently all my PI alts are alpha so I’m having to stockpile on-planet until I can get around to plexing those accounts again … which means I’m concentrating down to the highest level mats I can on each planet just at the moment as it all takes up less room that way.

Other projects have my priority attention (& available ISK / PLEX) right now though :worried: or I’d PLEX up & give your designs a go, looks good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck. I hated PI for a long time until I finally settled down with this layout. It was the most hassle free way for me to not have to invest so much time with each individual planet as its resources depleted or shifted. My numbers are pretty constant for months on end, as the best part of pulling p1’s from a planet means that I do not have to worry about proximity of two separate resource pools to draw from and slap the launcher with 2 extractors and a silo down wherever the best long term location seems to be. High red is good, but two/three deep yellow pockets are even better. It also keeps pg down by having virtually none wasted on extended lanes for long remote draws. I set mine for 4 days on the extractor planet and lay back and fit pvp ships.

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Ah, and a side note. P1 mats are taxed at a much lower rate than p2’s, allowing you to shift some around the system from planet to planet without taking a big hit at all (max 1m each planet launcher filled to capacity and emptied twice when the silo is used for overspill). Imports are taxed at half the rate as exports. This is why I cram as much as possible into the p4 factory planet.

So many pilots treat their methods so secretively, and that’s unfortunate.

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I have a new(ish) baby and follow a similar simplification, though I find producing p2’s at a lower rate easier, and much less time intensive. Then ship those to a factory planet producing more p4’s.

It’s best to find the layout that suits your time investment, and that’s basically trial and error. It will also almost certainly change over time. I used to go for maximum extraction feeding factory planets which worked great, until baby arrived :smiley:

There’s no right or wrong, just right for you at any given time.

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:confused: really? I didn’t think you could get properly formed p2’s out of a new(ish) baby :wink:

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You’re thinking p1’s, still fairly raw and needing more processing…

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So I started it (unless that original bit I quoted was intended?) but consider me suitably grossed out anyway :smile:

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Just be thankful we didn’t start at p0’s…

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