Savage Outsiders Mining-Manufacturing Corp HI/Low/Null sec Miners

Hello and welcome! Savage Outsiders is an up-and-coming mining corporation for those with an interest in Ship/Fitting/Ammo manufacturing!

Our main operations take place in Hi/Low sec With prospect or endurance runs to Null sec. We’re looking for miners, industrialists, and pilots interested in providing security for our operations. Whether you’re new to Eve or a grizzled veteran, there’s a place for you here.

We also offer some impressive perks!

For miners, we offer free mining ships, free mining upgrades, and an ore buyback program that guarantees above-market rates for your ore.

For pilots providing security, we offer daily paychecks for the services you provide, as well as bonuses for engagements in defense of our mining fleet.

Interested? Apply to join Savage Outsiders today, and remember to stay savage!

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