Savety Button for abyssal - filaments / filament type login menu

hi :smiley: i acidentialy launched a t5 dark instead of t5 gamma and my drones not hit any and i died.
Then i thaught it would be good if theres a button in the activation menu where u can log ur filament type so u cant acidentlialy choose a wrong from the inventory and every time u change the logged item it asks you are u sure u want to change the filament type?

idk its just it would make my 3-5b investmens saver every time i die to stupid things

Or, you can install a small container on your ship and put only the filaments you want to use in it. It’s an easy and ridiculously cheap option that can have more uses other than just filament storage, such as to store your ammo, and technically even increases your ship’s cargo capacity.

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