Scan probe multiple groups launched

Would be nice to be able to launch multiple groups of 8 probes, so we can keep two groups out on the field even of one group of core and one group of combats.

It can even be limited to only one group at a time being active on scanning if need be, but having two groups launched and on the map and each controlled as a separate group would be handy.

no to this…

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Why no? I said it can be limited to only active scanning for one group at a time, not all at once.

Nothing changes with regard to active scanning, just what is fielded on the map. There would be no changes in any strength or deviation effects. It is just for placement and launch management. It won’t affect any stats. You won’t be able to actively scan with 16 probes over 8 currently. You gain nothing in stats, just management of launching. You cannot scan with more than one group at a time, no change to what you can do currently w.r.t stats.

Because you could scan 2 locations at much faster rate without having to move and reposition probes. Centering probes on you is already a huge buff to scanning because the downside of the old system in which you could center probes on you but had to manually position them in a pattern is no more. The introduction of preset patterns was the reason why probe centering was removed in the new system in the first place.

We can already move the group fast and hit the scan key.

It’s still a manual move them and can’t just place one pattern on you and another at a different place where you, for example, think a target warped to in order to scan them on a grid and at the same time at another location if your probes spooked them out of a plex. You also cannot double scan targets faster while they move through a system without having to manually move probes to different locations.

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