Scan your systems! CCP playing dirty

my anti virus scanner found this. CCP getting desperate boys. time to scan your systems and be safe!

Well good thing you are not in the security field.


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@tails_icywench it would be helpful to know what antivirus scanner your using.

False positives are a thing. There have been stories of AVs deciding that parts of your OS or even themselves are malware.

It’s my understanding that’s a generic “downloader/installer code detected” warning. It’s a “heuristic” pattern match which means it doesn’t detect a specific threat, it detects code that behaves in a certain way.

Launchers include download/install code by their very nature. As Dark Lord says, without further info this is just a false positive/awareness indicator.

this is intended behaviour and is software used for crash reporting; Upgrading Crash Reporting Systems | EVE Online

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