Scanner reports you can share in chat

Title says it. How about you could share ship/cargo/survey scanner report?

Comments are welcome for my idea.


So you can park an Alt someplace, set up a macro that spams the scanner, and another macro that drags the report into chat. Then you don’t need to look at that client, or heaven forbid interact with another living player sitting in that ship, asking them to tell you what they found.

Kinda sounds like a terrible idea. =)

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+1 Good qol improvement

If nothing was in the game that could be used by bots there would be no game.

There are some features that players use, that people sometimes also set up a bot for.

This is something you’d set up a bot for, that players might also sometimes use too.

Take a look at this. It’s what people’ve been usin’ for years.

The fact remains that software is designed around normal users not bots. It is a version of “You don’t design around bugs, you fix bugs.”

And yes, I have been a commercial software developer since 1989.

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