Nullsec constellation chat // Billboard content // Scanner Probe UI

3 ideas to consider;

Replace nullsec local with constellation chat.
We’ve all heard of the intel problem. This might be a fair balance for all parties. Chat as an intel source is still valid, while attackers get that window of opportunity needed. The best part is certain shapes and formations of constellation will have more strategic value than others.

New billboard content.
How about adding random item market data from neighbouring regions? nothing huge, just the occasional hint an eagle eyed traveller might take advantage of. Perhaps warning signs or distress signals regarding nearby Triglavian invasions. Anti-piracy propaganda in highsec. “Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll - Join [local pirate faction]”. Add some flavour. Society is the driving force of EVE but it needs a backdrop to play against. Anything other than that ‘Clear Vision’ advert (who’d even make a clone with faulty eyes, anyway?).

Scanner probe UI launch to the sun.
The system map remembers where scanner probes were recalled from so that when you re-launch you don’t have to mess around positioning them again. The only problem is that it remembers this cross-system; the effect being that launching probes into a new system sends the probe UI in the system map AU’s off of any celestials and their orbital paths. It might be better to apply probe UI to the star. A minor issue but it can become a bit annoying, especially when moving from systems with wildly varying diameters.
When I say probe UI i mean the little white boxes you move around in the system map while scanning. I’m not suggesting probes automatically warp off to the sun and find sigs for you.

Thanks for reading.


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