Scanning for Moving Ice/Ore sites

It would be fun to use the scan probes more to scan down mining sites that spawn and move about. Once found you would need a fleet member to always be at the site if you needed to dock and return for more Ice/Ore . Something like this would give mining a new spark and more to do then battles and missions. Once players train the skills they could find these sites.

Scanning Ore sites used to be a thing until circa 2014.

If you still want to do this, then you can scan down wormholes and then scan down gas sites.

Dynamic redistribution implies that players will need to invest effort looking for resources to harvest rather than having them delivered to their doorstep. Hunting instead of farming. Exactly how this will work remains to be seen but random anomaly spawns are likely to be part of the solution. High value resource signatures would be ideal for a ship like the Endurance and I hope CCP considers them.

Back in the good old days we had to scan down everything, we could find some pirates and stuff by warping to planets/moon and use D/Scan other things like asteroid/ice belts we had to scan down using probes.
The ice belts was Humongous back then, we could mine the same belt all day even though there was a lot of players.

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