Dynamic Ice Belts

It would seem logical to have the Ice Belts moving from system to system using the same upcoming dynamic ore locations that CCP has been mentioning. I understand that CCP wants to shake things us so that nobody is too comfortable while mining, but the biggest shakeup could involve Ice changing to different systems.


I don’t see how it’s logical. Can you explain?


Static Ice Spawns are Lame




Make them behave like gas sites. You wouldn’t expect to wander in your garden in the morning, dig a random hole and find gold bullion.

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Well, not exactly, rumor is since the wormhole patch something is wrong with the gas site spawn rate…

But yes, if it was working correctly :crazy_face:

Yeah I saw that. Hisec/lowsec gas seems reduced somewhat as well in the last 10 days but I could be wrong.

I hope if they messed with gas they checked their booster mats requirements, area matters a lot with gas.

There has been quite a lot of volatility in the gas market recently, can’t quite figure out what is going on.

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