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So when you are scanning for sigs in a system you start with a whole bunch of large spheres and as you scan they go down to “dots” that you have to do more and more precise scans on. And that’s cool! I like how scanning works in eve… Except for One Little Thing… So if you are scanning sigs and get one down to say 40% accuracy but you move your probes to scan another sig near it. Suddenly the accuracy and “Dot” on the one down to 40% change back to a sphere with a smaller accuracy…

Could we please just keep the most precise scan instead of going back to a more imprecise one?


As much as I like that idea, I don’t think we should get CCP looking at scanning. They’ll just make it worse.


Simple fix, do one, then do another one.



As someone that used to do a lot of scanning.
Just get better at it mate.

Just get better ad scanning. There is nothing to change since you actually have that signature scanned to level you stop scanning. Just probe window is losing “%” as probes aren’t around that signature. But signature itself don’t move, so you can simply scan it again with same or smaller probe strength.

Fear not intrepid and keen explorer, it gets better with practice.

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I can scan a system pretty quickly. It’s just annoying knowing that I’ve already gotten it down to a decent scan resolution percent once, but now I have to do it again because… reasons.

I only bring this up, because it’s low hanging fruit. It’s something CCP can add easily that will have a big impact on scanning speed.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done any scanning in-game so I can’t remember if CCP has made any changes pertaining to signature signal strength. Also I’m sure someone will probably correct me if I’m wrong on this.

The way I remember it for faster scanning, Hacking sites would show group type at 25% signal strength so if you’re not looking for those then you can just select ‘ignore’ and delete that signature entry from the scan result list.

After 25% signal strength, any signature listed as ‘Unknown’ in the scan result will then be a wormhole or combat site. Scanning those signatures to 75% signal strength would show their group type so if you’re only looking for combat sites, then you can just ignore and delete the w-hole signatures from the results list.

Another option is to scan each site to 100%, bookmark it and then delete the signature from the scan result list, then when you leave and come back later, you can launch a single probe at small scan radius and position it on each bookmark to see if the site is still there or not. If the site is still there, just ignore / delete it from the scan result list. If the site is no longer there, then you just delete the bookmark.

After checking all bookmarks, you then do a large scan of the system to check for any new signatures that may have spawned. If some new sigs show up, just do the same to those that you did with the other sites earlier.

These guys have alot of time!
EvE is going right direction for you.

The right direction is to not give in to lazy people.

I got it, u got the point!

Iv lived in the wormhole and did some scanning…
U know that sound when your probes are warping?
Sometimes I woke up at night time, sweat dripping from my forehead… Iv heard that sound in my dream!!
:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

I think scanning should be little bit enhanced! But as

Maybe not! :smile:

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Scanning is already easy mode compared to years gone by. It doesn’t really need to be any easier.


Yes, I remember, need to move every probe separately…
Shhh… Good old times.
But I think 2019 most PC gamers looking for a quicker action and less waiting, therefore I think they should at least cut the scanning times.
The scanning mechanics/minigame is great :+1:

I disagree. Part of the mechanic is the difficulty. There is an advantage to those who perfect these scanning methods.
Having spent most of my eve career in wormholes, being faster than the guy you are hunting (or the guys you are running from) can be the difference between life and death.

Even in the OP’s example, the current mechanics force a choice. Do you finish scanning down the sig you started with, or hop to another one. One could be that awesome radar site with the rare drop.

All of those things create choices and decisions players have to make. It also helps to reward those who perfect their scanning methods.

Put in too many easy buttons and you flatten out the skills curve which negates the actual skill involved. It is always a balance and I think the balance is pretty good at the moment. Honestly I think they have made scanning TOO easy.


Yeah, I agree with that.

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As you grow older you will have more patience.

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