Scanning Skill Value - Level 5

Anyone trained Astrometric Acquisition to 5? Can you tell me what the scan time says in the scanning window?

Currently at level 4 and considering training this skill, but it appears to be not worth the training time, even less so than normal.
Astrometrics : 5% bonus per level
Astrometric Acquisition : 5% bonus per level
Base time : 10 seconds

10s * .75 Astrometrics * .80 Acquisition 4 = 6 seconds
10s * .75 Astrometrics * .75 Acquisition 5 = 5.625 seconds

6 seconds is what my scan window currently shows, so my math seems correct with acquisition 4.
Level 5 would get scan time 0.375 seconds faster for ~3 weeks of training.
I know that level 5 of any skill is the worst gain for the time spent and is usually a specialization skill, but this is ridiculous.
For 1 full second, I’d consider training this, but not for 3/8 of a second.

Rangefinding still 5%, but that isn’t so bad, as at least it’ll help a bit with lowering deviation as well, and I can definitely see training that to 5.

Am I doing the math wrong here or what?

You’re forgetting that Astrometric Acquisition V gives you access to the T2 Acquisition Array, which has double the bonus of the T1 array. So the difference is actually considerable.
Where it really comes in handy is probing out long wormhole chains. Saving a couple of seconds per scan adds up pretty fast. It’s also very important when you’re trying to combat probe down a target. Every second counts.
I just checked, according to my corp’s Pathfinder stats I’ve logged something north of 20k sigs scanned in the last year. So yes, I reckon it’s well worth the time on any character that does a lot of probing.
I currently have three max-skilled probing alts. I’m also training another two and my main just finished Rangefinding V.

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