Scarcity = X

I remember when miners were complaining about how reduced ore availability and diminished reprocessing rates were killing their isk efficiency. And people told them to hodl, because those things would cause mineral prices to skyrocket -which they did.

Maybe some listened, but that didn’t stop others from continuing to complain.

Oh, and I love how all the roq multiboxers and afk orcas have managed to convince all the other miners that the new changes are bad for everyone. Less ore being generated by turbo crabs and afk’ers got reframed as “CCP pulled up the ladder. Now, newer players will never be able to turbo crab and be bot aspirants.”


Then CCP wussed out and reversed the better parts of the changes.


Scarcity so far so good imo. It only seems a problem for those who tend to get to comfortable with how they’ve chosen to set themselves up.

Accept, adapt or be phased out.


Aaaaaaand Aiko displays her usual gift for cutting to the heart of the matter in a few well-chosen words.

She might not be the nice girl you’d take home to mama, but she knows WTF she’s talking about.

You mean where CCP retracted and admitted it was a mistake :smiley:


It’s not everyday I give a like to a post from her.

Nor is it everything she says that is gold.

But that one hit the nail hard.

In the end of the day, nobody is holding CCPs hand into making mining into active gameplay or hiring professional anti-botting.

People are free to believe whatever they want anyway. Some sociopaths under safety’s umbrella are as bad or even worse than “bot aspirants”.


Oh? What quantifies and qualifies you to make this medical opinion?

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