Scarlet Trading - 10b Uncollateralized Loan @ 5%

No. Thats not the only reason. And there is the dishonesty.

With your own example of Ichooseyou, I explained why his was more than just no collateral. There was a good, valid reason to invest in him. You quibbled with me a bit about it, then went back to “the only reason why youre calling me a scam is becaues of no collateral”. That is clearly false, becaues Ichooseyou had no collateral for a long time and a lot of people invested in him. That is clearly not the only reason. There are quite a few red(or sholuld i say blue?) flags that can be raised about why this is suspicious.

I dont know you, and thats the point. We have these discussions because we have no idea who you are or how trustworthy you are.

This is a poor analogy. There have been scams in this game, where someone does a couple collateral loans, and then does a final non-collateral where he runs off with the ISK.

A better analogy woudl be, we are waking up to a sign where we have no idea if its red or blue, and youre telling us its red, and to trust you.

I have not said a single thing that is misleading here.

But thats also the problem. The only way we know for sure, is after youve received the ISK and ran off. And its too late by then.

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Well, no, the dishonesty i was referring to was about your constant insistence that your no collateral loan was no different than everyone elses, including, as you brought up, Ichooseyou. Which is false, and I demonstrated it was false.

Sure, and thats why, unless the amount is small, generally, no one fills them.

Gauge of character, for one. You were right in saying we dont know you. Thats why we have this discussion, to gauge if you are trustworthy or not.

You do realize, that I already brought this up, right? Funny, you didnt seem to be concerned at responding to it back then.

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I did touch on it briefly, but he never responded to that.

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That’s a matter of opinion. That’s not being dishonest. You can disagree with that opinion, it doesn’t make me a dishonest person because I see it differently. At least, not from where I come from.

That’s because I’ve already stated that I’ve been in the game since 2004. That’s almost 16 years of playing in the game. It’s hard to track activity from a production/trade alt that pretty much never leaves station to prove to the community. This is why I posted my main to show I am active and have been longer than majority of the active players today.

While I don’t use Vile every day and have long breaks with him and even with my main off and on for the past 16 years, I have been here for a very long time. I have plenty of history here as a casual player. I am also a content creator and contributor to the community as I have just released a 4th report to the community to use.

Here is an example of one I did in the reddit community from 2018, which again is focused on my characters trade of a trader, smuggler, indy pilot. The report scrapes data from zKill to help traders like myself understand what items are being destroyed in-game from PvP to help direct you towards either what to trade or what to build in the various regions.

Then the original one I did in 2017:

I’m an extremely transparent person. I have ISK and can make ISK. I do these business dealings because it’s fun and I’m going to do more and more.

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Sure. And you could say that the sku being pink instead of blue is a matter of opinion to a schizophrenic who is hallucinating.

The problem here is that I’ve demonstrated this with my arguments. You’ve been, so far, unable to respond adequately to it.

There are apps for that.

Your examples are all 1, 2 years old. Why not use something like eve mogul, which is free? It will show us that you’ve been trading recently.

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Pretty much sums up what you are about, which is a troll. Please stop trolling my thread.

We get it, everyone is lying and a scammer. As Moonpire author said earlier in his thread:

If you have nothing good to contribute, don’t contribute at all.

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Are you joking? Or are you just trying to scam, and dont like me bringing this up because it would ruin your narrative?

There are applications, and I even gave you an example of one that is free, called eve mogul, that shows everyone that you have been trading and manufacturing recently, instead of 1, 2 years ago.

This would help demonstrate your credibility and help you get a loan.

And instead, you want to avoid using that and call me a troll.

As ISD Eshtir said later in her thread:

Yes. Dont post bad things that will make my thread look bad! I really want the ISK, so please, dont criticize me! Only post good things!

I didnt know if you were a scammer at the beginning, but my suspicions have only grown since. Everytime you post, you keep reinforcing this suspicion.


Oh, and with regards to arisha moon, do you know what my first sentence was, in her thread?


No, I’m not joking. Anyone who insults someone else for trying to contribute more tools and info to the community as a way to retort in argument is trolling.

Stop trolling the thread, again. Whether or not you think there is “better” out there is irrelevant. You’re trolling to troll at this point.

That’s your opinion. I have not posted anything bad IMHO. No one has claimed to know this is a scam or that I have a history of scamming etc. You’re forming very wide assumptions based on little to no facts.

Again, anyone can walk up and claim someone is lying or a scammer as well deny anything they say in response as you are clearly doing here. As Moonpire said too, don’t come forth with wild claims unless you have facts. No one wins these arguments.

I didnt in any way insult or even mention your public manufacturing project thingy.

What are you talking about? Did you even read my response?

“Better” what? When did I even use the word “better”?

@Xylem_Viliana can you make sense of what he is upset about?

Yes, you are right. No one, including me, has claimed to know that this is a scam, or that you have a history of scamming.

I’m glad you finally figured that out.

Yes, which is why I didnt do that to moonpire, or to you. Infact, again, my first sentence, my VERY FIRST sentence to moonpire was:

The problem here is that with every post, you seem to be less coherent and more confused. That, or you are deflecting, because you’re trying to scam. I have no idea which it is, but you are certainly not helping your case.

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But you did when you say something equivalent to, “Why are you wasting your time when we have other tools that are better.”

You’re basically calling what I did trash in a very subtle way to justify that what I am doing has no bearing on my authenticity or activity in the game.

No one is confused. You’re denying what I am saying and posting more nonsense to derail the thread, which you have successfully done at this point.

Here are the facts:

Prior Loans

I have completed and successfully repaid two loans in the past. Whether they are alts or fake accounts is something I cannot prove. They are people I found through this forum. They are not friends or people I talked to after I repaid them. I made money, so did they.

Veteran Status

I have verified I have a account from 2004. I can verify I am the owner of that account since 2004. I have no intention of quitting the game and have been active for almost 16 years. This character has been mine since 2009, it’s named after my 2004 corp and can also verify I own Vile since 2009 as well.


I can verify activity due to PvP with my main. I cannot verify activity due to PvE with my alt. I do have posts in the community you can check with Vile, and have used it as my production/trader/hauler alt since 2009 as my main is in piracy with mostly -10 status until recently, when my main joined Horde.

All I can say is again, I have been in the game since 2004. I’m still here. Pretty sure I’m not going away anytime soon.


Regardless if you think my contributions are “worthy” to you. It does show I know how to find profitable things to build. This is how I made my prior loan repayments on time and paid them back. I build Tech II ships and do market trading as I have max skills for both.

Reason for Loan

While I am profitable, I am not able to scale to where I need. I need more ISK to make ISK, and I’m not making it fast enough to scale to where I need. Like a lot of businesses, I see an opportunity to expand my operations, but need help to get there.

More specifically, building Tech II ships can take a day per ship. Each build can cost me 100m to 300m plus to build. That’s a lot of money burnt waiting to go to market before I can profit. I want more ISK to get more bread in the oven so when I do go to market, I can come strong with profit big with the higher scale.

I have 3 alts between these two accounts (Vile and Famine) where I have cross-trained to help with that scale. Just need more ISK to get them building 20 or more ships a day per se.


I have no history on both of these characters for scamming, but I am a pirate as my main. Scamming is not piracy and piracy is not scamming.


That’s not what I said, or meant, but if you took it like that, I apologize. I was only aware of your public manufacturing report project, which seems to only list the profitability of manufacturing, and not a up to date showing of your current manufacturing and trading profits. If you have a separate project that is like eve mogul, then I do apologize, I didnt know, and it wasn’t meant as a slight against your other project.

But you do understand the criticism that I pointed out, and that I was offering you a solution to increase your odds with getting a loan, right?

Your screenshots are 2018, 2017. There is nothing recent here. I was suggesting that you post something more recent, and that applications like eve mogul would help you. It doesnt have to be eve mogul. But you should show us something more recent.

Wouldnt you agree that this is good, constructive criticism?

No, I never denied what you said. What I did, was provide arguments to demonstrate why your bullet points aren’t really that helpful with regards to your loan.

Sure. And our response to this was that things like rep grinding are common. This “fact” you provided, has little bearing to the credibility of your loan. This is why this “fact” isnt very useful.

Our concern isnt with you quitting the game. It’s with you giving up on whatever method you use of making isk. This is why I suggested you post a listing or evidence that you have consistently having made isk through trade or manufacturing.

We dont want to loan you isk, only for you to stop trading or manufacturing for another year or two. We dont want to wait a year or two to get our money back. Your most recent screenshots are over a year ago. Can you post anything more recent?

Same as above. It’s not your PVP activity that we are concerned with. If you’re going to be manufacturing or trading for 1, 2 months, then taking a hiatus for a year or two, that isnt going to sit well with us. We are concerned about your PVE activity.

Again, this isnt our concern. At worst, you’re a scammer, but at best, we have no indication that you’ve been concurrently trading and manufacturing. The impression we get is that you take long breaks between short bursts of activity. This is pretty common with eve players, I’m sure you will agree. We dont want to have to wait for years to get our money back.

A lot of what I wrote, can be dissuaded by providing a recent list of manufacturing and transactions. I still dont know why you haven’t. If you were serious, you would. But as I have pointed out many times now, at this point, it just feels like a stall tactic.

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Even if you don’t believe me that I have been doing this longer than 2017, that’s still 3 years of doing this based on the screenshots I gave. My character is older than 2017 and logically, I’ve likely been doing it longer as a solid assumption. 3 years with knowing im a 2004 pilot is a pretty good assumption im not quitting it.

No, because I’ve been good on not taking any loans in 2019. As I posted, my first loan was in 2018 and then the next in 2020.

If you believe I am not a scammer, just maybe go inactive, then you can reasonably assume that I don’t want to default on a loan and damage my name. You can also reasonably assume that if I’ve been playing for 16 years, I’m likely going to play a 17th.

I also have been operating a structure in Uemisaisen for past year. Prior to that, it was in Black Rise doing moon mining to do Tech II production.

I said this like three times in the post above you, and yet you still missed it.

Maybe long paragraphs aren’t your thing. So let me be succinct with you.

We are not concerned about you quitting the game. We are concerned about you quitting trading, production and manufacturing.

I’m not talking about loans, I’m talking about pve ACTIVITY.

It’s like you didnt read what I wrote.

If you are legit, then why are you so adamant on refusing to post a recent screenshot?

Every time you deflect, it makes you look worse.

If you dont want to provide a screenshot of recent activity, then just say so. But stop trying to make excuses. You dont have to tell me your dog ate your homework, I’m not your teacher. All I did was provide criticism, and advised you on how to fix it. I’m trying to help you.

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wahhhhh^^ 2 years are now over and there are still no scammed user, no proofs that i scam people… but they still say, i am a scammer^^ that is funny.

I’m not refusing. You didn’t ask for that as proof before until now. Be happy to.

Current Work

What I’m currently building

Recent History

I just moved into new facility. Have to check out the old ones if I can. Here is what I’ve been doing recently though.

Eve Mails

Shows me logging in and responding to indy stuff relating to my corp, especially me doing indy stuff in 2019-07 for example where dock got closed. :frowning:

Then as far back as 2014 I started doing Hacking/Rig production. Before that, was all market trading.


Here is the infrastructure I moved from Black Rise.


Did a bit of trading at the end of 2019.

November 2019

October 2019

The suggestion Solonius made of EVE Mogul was specifically related to this. Again he tries to help and laid the suggestion there. If you look through his previous posts, rarely will he say “show me X Y Z” but he will suggest how it can be done.

If you arent familiar with it, Id suggest looking into it, Really useful tool whether for personal use or for transparency in a situation like this.


I mean, if you say so. Communication works best if you’re direct. If you want screenshots, ask. If you want to see EVE-Mogul, ask.

I personally don’t use it outside of doing portfolios. I’ve tried hooking the corp transactions earlier this year, but seems to be flaking out on me. Instead, been taking my recent profits and sinking it into an asset depot to use for collateral.

I did. Everyone with some semblance of understanding of the english language will conclude that I did.

I mean, what did you think i was talking about, when I posted this?

Its completely mind boggling that ive been doing nothing but try to help you up until this point, and youve somehow taken this as an attempt at trolling.

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Sorry, but disagree. You’ve trolled the thread pretty hard.