[SCC-Mutual] - Public Investor Relations Thread

This thread is made in order to inform existing and new investors in the scc-mutual fund about progress and news.

The Fund has a potential market cap of 1 Trillion, and have successfully released 600 of its total shares.

Any interested investors can enquire for available shares, or potential sellers in the scc-lounge SCC-Lounge Discord.

Details can be found in the scc-mutual BP, and further information will be available in the prospectus, and in upcoming reports.

The next planned release of shares is set to be around september. First dividend payouts and report is up 1.st of July.


List of Current Named Investors - Below 2.5% are not listed here.


August dividends paid out. 2.5% and valuation estimate is at 1275m per share.

Members of the Board to be announced with the September dividends.

The fund is now fully sold out. 1T Market Cap is reached, and valuation stands around 1.4 Trillion in NAV.

A 10 for 1 shares split is set to be performed before Q1 2018.

Anyone interested in the development can join the lounge discord, where all communication is conducted.

Updated named list of investors.


SCC-Mutal have finalised the stock split. The 10 for 1 Split has taken the nominal value of the shares to 100m, making it slightly easier to trade and the price looks “better”.

The current NAV estimate is around 145-150 per share, thus keeping well with prognosis on the moon drilling investments etc.

The new year will see us inject a trial of 1000 SHares onto the EVE-Mogul Exchange. If successful more can be added according to owners needs. The procedure will be discussed in the scc-lounge Discord.

Take note that around Fanfest there will be discussions about whether to expand the fund, and how best to proceed with that.

Here is the new list of Investors post Split.


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