Science Skills and Game Play thoughts

I would like to suggest an overhaul and usage of science skills used more actively in warfare, perhaps in a PvX format.

Improvements could be made to exploration and hacking sites, with a prerequisite for hacking based on relevant science skill and gaining additional number of attempts based on skill level. (my thinking is a low isk pay out but the loot is good to use for other things)

a possible idea for FW systems and maybe SOV Null is some kind of, unique front line research lab. Hacking these could grant a temporary 24-hour system wide boost to specific weapon, shield, or armor types, giving a slight edge to specific groups.

To further integrate science skills and game play, I suggest reducing reliance on research agents and letting players produce data cores. This could involve introducing research lab structures similar to ESS, which accumulate data cores over time and can be raided.

Game play-wise, raiding enemy territory for data cores could become a strategic move for teams.

I propose making a change to the current accumulative research point system to a position where after a set number of research points are accumulated, you roll vs a percentage for a reward. this way it removes a direct X amount of time = X amount of Data cores style approach.

with this method, scientific research can still be done passively, in your chosen field and as a scientific character you can then sell your Data cores anyway you like.

This system would make inventing T2 BPCs more challenging, effectively bottle necking production without altering in-game resources or production times for T2 Products.

T2 equipment becomes less common and also more profitable when sold simply due to demand.

this effectively creates more of a divide between T1, Faction and T2 Ammo which can POSSIBLY be reflected in the Base damage amounts. (but i’ll leave the actual balancing for the space wizards)

if NPC factions can raid player structures for data cores and they’re successful after X number of successful raids = high DPS for X amount of time (this would simulate NPC Factions improving their weapons technology for a limited amount of time

if players Raid an NPC faction / other players stations and get away then the result would mean high value assets which COULD tilt the balance of the ISK war from one side to another.

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I posted this in the vanguard feedback for discord
but i figured i’ll throw it here as well.

wanted to throw an idea in here for vanguard, given i have no idea whats coming up next.
I had a thought regarding capturing structures or strategical points on planets.
my thought is, war clones are sent in to upload a virus, this virus allows for a capsuleer to connect to sub orbital infrastructure, the idea here would be the capsuleers can use their science skills in some way (how, i don’t actually know) which is more direct then simply for industry, fleshing out that skill to have more wider use, i genuinely wouldn’t know where to begin with stuff like that, i feel slapping on mechanical bonuses is the wrong way to go it should be less mechanical benefits on the battlefield and more plot driven in some way…

maybe these kind of cross platform assaults and the use of science skills could be used to gain points towards a factions goal and releasing new faction ships or modules or progressing that factions story arc.