Tech II Research

Idea has been scrapped thank you for the responses

Original post:
When Tech II came out it was super exciting :slight_smile: Tech II is still cool and i would like to propose a Tech II research job.

Basically it allows some BPs to be researched to like ME1000. This is to give game developers more control over prices because for example Exhumers and Freighters are way too expensive imo.

But if developers reduced the material cost overnight for these ships that could cause an inconvenient shock to some people. Thats it. Thats the idea. Lets see if anyone can argue against it.

Freighters are actually moving a little under current production cost absent perfect BPs and implants if I recall correctly,

And re-enabling effectively uncapped ME after they re-did it and capped ME and TE and forced people’s BPs into that cap is a recipe for serious anger.

this is your idea, how about you present some arguments in favour of it?

New players can play for months without getting ganked in high sec and they are having a good time and maybe dreaming about going into low or null one day.

But then they get into a Freighter or Exhumer because they can finally fly and afford one and all of a sudden they get ganked because they are so expensive and thus delicious to gank in high sec. Its not a fun experience and he or she will never look at the game, its developers and community the same way again. For better or worse.

Enabling a higher tier research job and up to ME1000 Exhumer and Freighter BPs could change this. Those ships would eventually become vastly cheaper and less desirable to gank and less punishing to get ganked in, and people who already produced a bunch at ME10 and still have them in stock wont experience as big of a shock compared to if Freighter and Exhumer material requirements were sharply dropped over night.

you realize me10 = 100%, or ME100 from the old days? this is another dumpster troll post.

you have no ideas, you have nothing of substance worth talking about.

Stop Trolling

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You have a history of shitting on people. Maybe stop that before accusing others of being a troll?

well if you are not trolling, then you know nothing about this game, and being so inept you should just stop.

you realize me10 = 100%, or ME100 from the old days?

You could have just stopped there

nope, i learned in the military to call a spade when i see a spade…and to help drum those ppl out before they got someone killed.

i do the same here. you have no business bringing up the stuff you do, cause all of you ideas are detrimental.

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If you think im a troll why do you bother responding?

You are out of control not me it seems

I am not the one that keeps trying to eliminate playstyles, or seek for solutions that do not have problems, or try use the “think of the children” tactics for asinine and useless ideas.

This is an MMO, not a single player game with cheat codes, and power ups and other crap…you want that, go play those games. Stop your bullshite

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Why does your type of person always exist on ideas forums? If you cant handle ideas. Come up with your own instead of shitting on others. Its not even their ideas your criticize you do personal attacks why are you so foul?

Ignore ideas you think is bad or kindly explain why you think its a bad idea. Is it too much to ask? I will ignore you going forward for both our sake

1 cause im sick of ppl ignorant of the game and its mechanics and history of things trying to change stuff for stupid reasons, selfish reasons.
2 I am sick of ppl that are simply lobbying for changes cause they are too lazy to learn how to play.
3 I am sick of ppl trying to destroy the game for whatever personal demented reasoning they have.
4 I am sick off ppl having an agenda to lobby CCP for stuff that should not be lobbied for when those items and the agenda make no sense for being at all other than some personal entitlement.

somewhere in those points you fit in if not all of them, and so have others…if i seem foul, it is because you deserve my ire.(cause im honest and i refuse to sugarcoat anything, you want sugarcoating go find a sugarmomma/daddy)

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That guy probably thought high sec ganking is a harmless and fun activitiy and been doing it himself every week

You made a suggestion about manufacturing without even taking the time to find out how the ME value works:

If ME10 gives -10% to the parts required, how do you propose ME 1000 is going to work, it would be -900%?

On top of that, if you’re going to increase the ME to reduce the ship cost instead of changing the inputs, with the kind of ME levels you’re suggesting you could build them and instantly reprocess them for more components than you started with :man_facepalming:

You complain about your ideas being responded to negatively, but when they are effectively game breaking, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise.


soooo … its not a thread about T2 Research … xD its a thread against ganking :wink:

and no … if they didnt lern anything in this moth´s they playing then they need to die !

but then we need to add a very big malus for TE ! maybe … maybe we add a -1000 TE for your ME 1000 and then we´re fine :slight_smile: if you dont need any materials then you can wait a few years for your ship to use it !

and you have a history of spamming this forum with realy idiotic ideas wich only result in a thread against ganking xD

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Reducing the reprocessing yield goes without saying but thanks for bringing it up anyway.

1000 is just a nice number. It could mean -75% at ME1000

Except then you’re not just changing the ME, the change you suggest means that ME and materials wouldn’t scale in a linear way, so you’re now asking CCP to change all of the manufacturing calculations.

If you reduce the material input and reprocessing amounts you will destroy prices overnight, so it would cause exactly the shock you’re talking about in your first post.

At the point where you’re changing the reprocessing amount, what benefit does fiddling with the ME have over just reducing the input amounts since your actual goal is reducing the costs of the ship?

Since normal freighters are T1 then surely they wouldn’t be affected by any kind of T2 research job?

If you’re talking about jump freighters then its not a mechanic that would effect the newish player experience anyway.