Scraper Corp. Wormholers trying to grow beyond our Class 2

I’m a very Competitive CEO that is empathetic. Been doing competitive gaming since cable internet was invented. Multiplayer experiences is what make us more human. My brother and I founded this corp years ago, but since 2023 we have rebuilt our empire and even secured ourselves a class 2 wormhole.

We are part of a wormhole alliance with many corporations in and outside of the wormhole life.

Sadly a class 2 wormhole of ours doesn’t get much traffic, unless its right next to Jita. A lot of our members are self sufficient in the wormhole. It is very solo-able with plenty of content unless our members have farmed it all. This used to be the case, and our wormhole was always dried up. We have recently gotten some member inactivity and we need to strengthen ourselves.

My long term goal for the corporation is to get enough members who want to work a bigger wormhole together or get our feet on the ground somewhere outside of a wormhole. Even if we get to a new location, our C2 can still be utilized and defended.

Lots of decent planets in our hole, even capable of making structure fuel. I generally import in the fuel but have been working to get the fuel industry going. I do buybacks of all wormhole Gas and Ore at 90% Jita price and soon will do buybacks for planet industry, relic and data loot, combat loot, ect.

Please feel free to ask here publicly or privately. My in game name is Cinderous


yeah, Just going to give you a warning by saying your in a C2 you might risk groups coming to hunt your corp down