Screen capturing the starmap

is it possible, to hide the “you are here” text in the starmap?
I like to do some screen capturing and the text disturbs the picture.

fly safe

Nope. The only way to get “rid of it” is to place yourself in the most opposite corner of the cluster. Something like in the top of Cobalt Edge, Paragon Soul or Branch.

Take a screenshot.
Move over a few systems and take another screenshot.
Open your photo editor of choice.
Cut and paste until it looks perfect with no “you are here”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Go into a wormhole. Open starmap.



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Editing the picture to black out the text might be an option if you can do that.

U want a wallpaper?

no, i like to take some sceens for a propaganda clip

i tried this already, i then just get a problem with the movements of the camera, because the centerpoint is always with the “you are here” spot.

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