Screen resolution

hey guys, i have a 29" ultra wide monitor which is at 2650x1080 resolution looks good but i can’t see the eve clock anymore, this is really annoying. does anyone know what res i could change it to to get the clock back on screen ? i have no idea.

Use your monitors native resolution.

that is it’s native res.

have you tried to scale up the UI?

A bit late to this, but you describe that the image is … stretched?

As in, the clock isn’t visible anymore, because it’s too far on the left, outside of the viewable screen? I know that’s a stupid way to describe it, but I can’t think of a better way.

Let’s cover some ground here, because you didn’t actually provide any.

  • Are you playing in true fullscreen? (sounds likely)
  • Are you playing in fake fullscreen, aka borderless? (sounds unlikely)
  • Have you tried switching from one of the above to the other?
  • Have you checked the possible resolutions in the Escape menu? Is your native resolution in there?
  • Have you tried lowering resolution, to see if the problem persists?
  • Have you filed a support ticket about this?
  • Your aspect ratio is 2.4:1, which is kind of disgusting.

Please respond to the above points.


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